Manchester: The BEST City to be a Student

Posted Nov 18, 2019
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Manchester: The BEST city to be a student

It’s that time of year again; UCAS applications are being submitted, parents are driving up and down the country trying to help you decide where you’re going to spend the next three years of your life.

There are numerous reasons why Manchester is a great city to be a student in, from its world class universities to its northern charm and the fact that you can go on a entire night out for under ten pounds. Whether Manchester has always been the obvious first choice for university, or you’re still indecisive about where you want to go, we’ve put together a list to help you make up your mind about Manchester.


Manchester has everything going for it, from music to sport, history to business, Manchester has so much to see and explore. The city is full of innovation, creativity and spark. People from around the world have always seen Manchester as a place to be inspired. With over 65 museums and galleries across Greater Manchester its rich heritage is celebrated, and everyone who comes here knows that.

Manchester Art Gallery


Manchester has the largest student population in Europe and this partly due to the number of world class universities located here. With the University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan taking residence along the Oxford Road corridor, Salford University, and most recently UA92 – the brainchild of Manchester United’s class of 92, situated at Old Trafford. Every Manchester university excels in its own way and between the four, almost every subject can be studied.


Some of Manchester’s most highly rated restaurants and bars come with some really reasonable price tags. Across the city, you’ll find students making the most of happy hour, regular discounts and 2-4-1 deals.   

Food & Drink

Manchester’s food and drink options are countless. From bubble-tea to Yorkshire pudding wraps, Manchester really has it all. Regular street markets operate across the city centre, offering international dishes, handmade pies and tasty sweet treats – so you don’t have to worry about boring food options when you live in Manchester


Manchester is renowned for its nightlife, which is only improving year on year. Student staples include Factory, Fifth, 42’s and Courtyard – just to name a few. With events happening every night, you’ll be living for the weekdays in no time. Prices are low and spirits are high on a night out in the North West.


Manchester is the North West’s shopping capital with hundreds flocking to the city every weekend for some well-deserved retail therapy. Manchester Arndale Shopping Centre is central Manchester’s shopping paradise, with great high street shops as well as Harvey Nichols and Selfridges. Head west out of the city and you’ll discover Manchester’s famous Trafford Centre – a retail heaven for those wanting to splurge.

Manchester Trafford Centre

Accommodation options

Manchester’s accommodation options are great for students. With prices being significantly lower up north than they are in the south, and with a multitude of options both at university and afterwards, Manchester is certainly good value for money during and after your studies. Whilst you’re at university, there are plenty of accommodation options – either directly through your university or going privately. Should you want to live with all of your friends whilst you’re studying, our sister company, Beech Properties, offer a vast amount of accommodation across South Manchester (within a 15-minute walk to universities) for large groups of students. With Oxford Road being the busiest bus route in Europe, you’ll never have to wait long to get to where you need to be. Of course, renting an apartment with Manchester Apartments is a great option for smaller groups or individuals wanting to live within the city centre, with a little more luxury.

Beech Properties

Manchester’s student population is 99,000 people strong, making it one of the largest student populations in Europe. In addition to this, Manchester has the second largest number of students staying in the city after graduation outside of London, so you can be sure that you’ll be in great company throughout your studies, and hopefully will become another adopted Mancunian in no time. Best of luck to all university applicants over the next few months! Let us know what drew you to Manchester by sending us a tweet.

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