Rusholme VS Fallowfield

Posted Dec 02, 2019
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Rusholme VS Fallowfield

If you’re a student in Manchester, you’ll know that it’s time to start looking at where you are going to live next year. It’s not an easy decision and for most students Withington, Rusholme or Fallowfield are all vague names of places in Manchester that may not mean anything to you. Don’t worry, we’ve put together a guide to tell you all about the local areas to help you decide where to spend your next year of university. 


Distance to university is the first factor to think about, how far do you want to travel to get to university every day? With the University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University situated on Oxford Road, the journey to university is easy from Rusholme; taking around 10 minutes on the bus, or 25 to walk. Fallowfield is a little further out, taking around 30 minutes on the bus, or about an hour to walk. You might have found a beautiful house, but if you’ve got a lot of 9am lectures, you’ll appreciate being closer to university. 

Local Amenities

Local amenities are another key factor when deciding where you want to live. Fallowfield has got loads of convenience stores and is home to a large Sainsburys, however all that convenience comes at a price and Fallowfield is a more expensive place to live than Rusholme. Rusholme on the other hand, has an array of local shops and restaurants, most of which are along the Curry Mile – commonly known for shops and restaurants that stay open until late at night. As well as this, Rusholme has a Lidl (which is locally known as the best Lidl Bakery in town), Superdrug, a Pound Shop and Wetherspoons – so wherever you pick, you’ll be within walking distance of a great local shop.

Manchester Curry Mile

Gyms and Outside Spaces

Fallowfield is home to one of Manchester’s largest parks, Platt Fields Park. The vast green area sits on the border of Rusholme and Fallowfield, at the top of the curry mile. With everything from summer fun days to an annual fireworks display, Platt Fields Park is a great asset to both areas, whatever side of the park you’re on. 

Platt Fields Park

Rusholme is best known for Whitworth Park, although smaller than Platt Fields, what this park lacks in size, it makes up for in beauty. The grade-two listed Whitworth Art Gallery resides within the park and makes for a stunning backdrop. 

Whitworth Park

The Gym’ has recently opened in Fallowfield, making fitness much more easily accessible to students. The Armitage Sports Centre, home of UoM Sport is also based in Fallowfield, so if you’re a sports fan this is worth keeping in mind. Rusholme also has a strong sports offering, with Denmark Road Sports Centre in the heart of Rusholme, as well as Manchester Aquatics Centre, Sugden Sports Centre and all city centre gyms a short bus ride away.

We hope this has given you a sense of what it’s like to live in the two main student hotspots of Manchester. If you’re feeling inspired and want to start your search for accommodation, check out our sister company, Beech Properties, with high-spec 1-9-bedroom properties across Rusholme and Manchester. Wherever your preference is, make the most of your time living in the best city to be a student, and be sure to tell us whether your team Rusholme or team Fallowfield on Twitter!

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