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Your rents are advertised as per week; how do I work out the monthly price?

To work out our monthly prices, you should multiply the weekly price by 52 (as there are 52 weeks in the year) and then divide this figure by 12 (as there are 12 months in the year) to provide your monthly rent.

What is a guarantor?

A guarantor is someone over the age of 25, ideally a homeowner, who will co-sign for your tenancy and confirm their financial ability to do so, who will be legally obligated to cover your rent should you fall into arrears.

What does fully furnished include?

Our apartments all come fully furnished with high-end appliances, such as ovens and integrated microwaves, and furniture such as beds, tables, dining tables, and dining chairs. Any cooking utensils, bedding, crockery, pots and pans you will need to provide yourself.

Is there parking available?

The majority of our developments do not have any dedicated parking, however, they all have the facility nearby. The select buildings that do have parking operate on a first come first serve basis and an extra charge may be applicable, contact us directly to find out which ones.

What utilities are included in the bills package?

Our all-inclusive utilities package covers your water, gas, electricity, and Wi-Fi bills which work out roughly at £1 per day, cheaper than the majority of mainstream providers! We also include access to communal laundry facilities free of charge for our residents.

How will I pay my rent every month?

We have a range of payment options, dependant on your circumstances and financial position. Call a member of the team in order to find out the best method option for you.

How quickly can I move in?

How soon you will be able to move into your apartment entirely depends on your tenancy and which building you will be moving into. To find out your tenancy move-in date, please check your tenancy agreement, or contact us directly.

How is my deposit kept?

All deposits paid to Manchester Apartments are protected under a Custodial Deposit Protection Scheme, My Deposits

I’ve passed the checks and paid my deposit; what happens now?

After your deposit has been paid, you will need to pay your first month’s rent before coming to collect your keys. If you are unsure on where you are in the process, call your Property Manager for assistance.

I’ve now moved out of my apartment. How long until I receive my deposit back?

Once your tenancy has ended, our team will perform rental checks on the property to ensure that it has been left appropriately. After this, we will begin the process of returning your deposit to you.

Where can I see the exact location of my apartment?

To see the location of your apartment building, you can visit the building page on our website and click the ‘Location’ tab.

Do you have any virtual tours of your apartments?

To view a virtual tour of our apartments, please visit our building pages on our website and click the ‘Virtual Tour’ tab.

How do I book a viewing?

You can book a viewing by requesting a call back on our website, contacting us directly, talking to us on our Live Chat facility online, or by sending us a message on WhatsApp.

I’ve booked an apartment online. What happens now?

Congratulations! Now that you’ve booked an apartment on our website, our dedicated team will contact you to help you select your specific apartment and begin the tenancy process.

Can I have a flexible tenancy in my apartment?

To find out if the apartment you are looking at can provide flexible tenancy options, contact us directly.

If I decide not to move in, will my deposit be refunded?

All Holding Deposits made are non-refundable, except in extenuating circumstances which will need to be authorised by the Head of Lettings & Property Management.

Do you provide tenants insurance?

You will be responsible for purchasing your own tenant's insurance for your time with us.

How do I report a maintenance issue?

You can report a maintenance issue on our Fixflo portal, which can be found here.

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