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24 February 2023

5 ways to celebrate the Spring Equinox in Newcastle

Goodbye Winter! 20th March officially marks the beginning of Spring which is, you guessed it, also known as the Spring Equinox. But what exactly does that mean?

Equinox literally translates to ‘equal night’ and comes from the Latin words aequus, meaning equal, and nox, meaning night. This name comes from the fact that roughly on March 20th every year, Northern and Southern hemispheres share the Sun’s rays equally due to the Sun sitting directly over the Equator, and night and day are roughly the same length.

Traditionally, the Spring Equinox signals a chance for reflection, renewal, and appreciating nature as we usher in lighter days and the holidays associated with Spring.

How are you planning to celebrate? If you need some ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s our guide to celebrating the Spring Equinox in Newcastle.


At home

Don’t worry if you’re busy, or simply aren’t one for grand gestures. When it comes to celebrating the Spring Equinox, even the smallest touches can help you embrace the new season.

So, if you’re more of a homebody, never fear. Here are our favourite ways to celebrate the Spring Equinox this year, all from the comfort of your own home.

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Source: @undertheivyflowers

Decorate your home with fresh flowers

Nothing signifies the coming of Spring like bright, beautiful blooms. Decorating your home and adding touches of colour is a tried and tested way to usher in a new season and get yourself excited for the prospect of warmer, brighter days.

And we absolutely couldn’t recommend flowers in the ‘toon without giving a shoutout to the amazing Under the Ivy, a florist offering more than just your typical bunch of flowers. Their fresh (and dried) bouquets are sure to put you firmly in the Spring spirit. Follow @undertheivyflowers on Instagram to find out more or pick up your own Spring blooms.

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Source: @theplantworkshopuk

Plant some seeds

The Spring Equinox is all about new growth — and what better way to celebrate that than by planting something new yourself? Watching a new plant grow is a great way to get into the spirit of the season, and is easy to do whether you have outside space or just a window.

Top tip: indoor plants like the Monstera or Spider Plant are the best for beginners, as they’re easy to water and happy to grow out of direct sunlight. If you’re feeling green-fingered, head down to The Plant Workshop in Fenwick Department Store to find your perfect house plant. Warning: you probably won’t be able to pick just one!

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Source: @thegraingermarket

Cook a dinner with fresh produce

In the spirit of all things Spring, nothing says celebration like a tasty home-cooked meal. And if you’re looking for groceries in the centre of the ‘toon, Grainger Market is bursting with stalls to cover all bases. Why not pay them a visit and grab some local, fresh ingredients and take advantage of the new season’s produce?

In nature

There’s no better way to celebrate the coming of Spring than by getting out and about in nature. But just how do we do that in a city like Newcastle, we hear you ask? Easy — with Newcastle and Northumberland’s gorgeous nature reserves, parks, and walks only a short distance away, you can get the best of both worlds this March 20th. Here are our favourite ways to get out in nature this Spring Equinox.

Source: www.martinbishopphotography.com

Watch the sunrise…

For all the early birds out there — why not catch the sunrise at one of Newcastle’s beauty spots? Tynemouth’s famous Longsands Beach is a firm favourite with locals and visitors alike, with the beach known to turn a mesmerising purple for the lucky (and dedicated) few who make it in time to watch the sun come up. The beach is a 10-minute walk from both Cullercoats and Tynemouth Metro Stations.

Not a fan of sand in your shoes? Cow Green Reservoir is another perfect spot to get your sunrise fix, having been chosen by Durham County Council to livestream to thousands worldwide as part of their #HelpDurhamShine campaign to showcase the area back in 2018. You can learn more about the reservoir here.

Newcastle tyne bridges print 013
Source: www.lawrenson-grebby-prints.co.uk

…Or sunset

And, of course, for those who don’t want to stray too far from the hustle and bustle of the ‘toon, we couldn’t forget the River Tyne itself. A Geordie icon, the view of the River over the Tyne Bridge can only be improved by the sight of a setting sun behind it. Don’t believe us? Check it out for yourself.

However you’re planning to celebrate the Spring Equinox, keep us updated over on socials @ncapartments_.

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