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24 November 2023

Our Ultimate Guide to Bringing in the New Year at Home

Fancy a little different way to bring 2024 in this year? Well, why not stay at home (we sometimes rate it way more than going out!) and bring in the new year with your mates in a budget-friendly way that saves you the hustle and bustle of the toon this New Year’s Eve? If this sounds right up your street, then keep reading…

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Prepare the perfect cocktails

Celebrating at home means you won't have to wait in line for an overpriced drink, which is a major win with us. Stock up on all your favourite drinks so you'll have plenty of options when the evening comes around and whip up some cocktails. If you aren't drinking, then we recommend a super tasty mocktail instead. The rule of thumb for New Year’s Eve? Always make sure you have a delicious drink on hand for the night.

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Pull out the board games

What’s more fun than bringing out a nostalgic board game, right? Playing the night away with your favourite board games this New Year’s Eve is the perfect way to have some fun and bring the new year in with a (literal) win. With everything to have a giggle at with your friends, from Twister to Monopoly – every board game will light up your night and bring out a laugh with your mates – It’s easily one of our favourite ways to get the laughs rolling.

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Scrapbook your memories of 2023

Is there a more wholesome way to spend the last day of 2023 than reminiscing on the last year and scrapbooking all your memories? You know, all those photos we take and then just forget about? Well, let’s not do that this year. We bet you’ll be amazed at how good you feel seeing all the highlights of your year spread out in front of you, plus this is a fun project that will leave you feeling inspired to make even more memories and do this again next year.

So, why not wind down this New Year and look at what you can do to have a relaxing New Year's Eve at home on a budget? Believe us, you’ll feel so much better than if you were to hit the ‘toon. Start 2024 off fresh next year and continue as you mean to go on with these New Year's ideas.

Let us know your New Year's plans and tag us in your celebrations on our socials.

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