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22 December 2023

4 Ways to Keep Fit in January That Will Lift Your Spirits

We all want to shed those extra pounds after the festive season and a way to do that is by keeping yourself fit this January. With our sure-fire ways how to keep active in the new year let’s look at how we can all keep moving and achieve our fitness goals in 2024.

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Cancel that uber

Whether you’re a cardio lover or not, walking is something anyone can do regardless of your ability. Whether you’re changing your morning routine or taking the extra-long route around the park, get those legs moving with this fab way to keep fit and get those steps in, in the new year. It will honestly do you wonders.

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Get that pace on

Running is a fab way to clear the mind and keep your body active – the results from running can be fabulous both for your mental and physical health. You could even start out just jogging and eventually progress to running to challenge yourself in the new year. You can also join running clubs, participate in park runs, or even run with a friend to keep yourself motivated and on track to achieve your running goals.

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Stretch it out

Yoga and pilates are a way of low-intensity exercise which helps you stretch those muscles whilst building up a sweat sesh. If you want to keep the costs low and stay away from studio classes, then you can always pop a YouTube tutorial on that shows you how to do all the exercises you want to try from the comfort of your own home. Something we definitely recommend trying with friends or even on your own – just to get a taste if it’s for you or not.

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Meditation, mindfulness and mental health

Looking after our mental health is just as important as looking after our physical health so why not focus on making your mind better too? With mindfulness and meditation, you can focus your minds on making the right choices for your body. How you interpret mindfulness is different for everyone, but there are so many books and videos online you can read to see how it fits best in your lifestyle and thinking patterns. Look after your mind and body next year, trust us, you’ll feel amazing.

So, with a selection of ways to help your body and mind keep fit next year, we think it’s time to see what you fancy picking up in the new year to feel better and keep your body moving. We love a fitness craze at the start of the new year, who doesn’t?

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