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08 September 2023

Renter-friendly Ways to Decorate Your Apartment for Halloween

Happy Halloween! Well, almost…


Although Summer is still hanging on this year, the autumnal evenings are not far away with the spooky season quickly approaching. So, to honour our favourite time of the year, we’ve put together some of our favourite renter-friendly ways to decorate your apartment this Halloween, from where to find the perfect decorations to how to carve the perfect pumpkin. Here are some ways to trick the eye and treat your home to some Halloween happiness!

Where to buy affordable Halloween Décor

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Let Etsy be your best friend.

Of course, we all love a little spending spree and when is a better time to do that than when it’s time to get spooky? Most of Newcastle’s high street shops have affordable favourites to pick up, but the ‘toon has some fabulous Etsy sellers, with some of the best Halloween décor coming from the North East. And with Whitby just down the road – the home of Dracula himself – we’re destined to bring the spooky vibes.

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Find yourself a charity shop steal.

Another fantastic way to keep things economical this year is by buying things second-hand. The perfect way to look for your perfect Halloween horror to display is to look in Newcastle’s local charity shops – they have a fantastic range of products for a fraction of the price which is dotted around the city centre. You never know, you could find an absolute steal.

Repurpose and Upcycle – The Halloween Way

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Let there be light

With Pumpkin Spiced Latte season creeping in and cinnamon scents filling the air, why not repurpose some of the décor you may already have to create the super scary look we all want? A perfect way of doing this is adding fairy lights to your living spaces – but let’s be honest, lights make everything better – right?

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Upcycle those plants.

Another way to give your space a spooky feel is with your beloved plant pots. Believe it or not, plant pots are easy to upcycle – all you need is your pot, a plant, and a permanent marker (we all have them lying about somewhere, let’s be honest).

Grab your plant pot and sketch in whatever mysterious magic you would like! Cats, skulls, witches, or a pumpkin face can be drawn onto your favourite pots for an easy upcycle project this Halloween – plus it can be removed with a little bit of cleaning product afterwards. A win-win if you ask us.

Carving the Perfect Pumpkin

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Carve Away

One more way of keeping things with it is with the ultimate classic activity of carving your pumpkin. Yes, this may take us back to childhood, but there is honestly nothing better than getting yourself stuck into a pumpkin carving competition with your friends!

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Visit a local pumpkin patch.

Pumpkins can be picked up at any supermarket, but if you want the full sha-bang, why not take a trip down to East Grange Pumpkin Patch, which is just half an hour outside of the city centre? Here you can pick your pumpkins to your heart's content, with wheelbarrows and beautiful orange leaves cascading the floor – something to add to your autumn bucket list in North East, for sure.

Are you spooked yet?

With a range of activities over the spooky season to get your creative heads screwed on for, we hope that we have inspired you to embrace the Halloween culture and not only dress yourself up this year but give your home some trick-or-treating TLC!

We hope you have an amazing spooky season and please tag us in all your devilish DIY decorations on our socials.

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