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28 March 2024

4 ways to look after your mental health when you need it most

With Mental Health Awareness week coming up, why not take some time to look after your mental well-being and see how you can boost your mood. We’ve put together 4 of our favourite ways to help look after our own mental health, and hope that you’ll see the benefits in them like we do.

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Keeping active

One way to pick yourself is by keeping active. This can help your mind and body feel better overall, and is a great reason to get you out of the house, especially if you find yourself feeling stuck in a rut. Sometimes something as simple as a lunchtime walk or even an hour in the gym downstairs when you have the time can change your everyday mood levels and boost your mental wellbeing more than you realise. At first, it will feel hard, but as soon as you get into it, you’ll start to release endorphins that give you the lift you need – and by the time you’re done, you’ll be back on cloud 9.

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Clean eating, clean mind

Without even realising it, what we eat can affect our wellbeing, including our mood and energy levels, so assessing what you’re eating daily is a great way to improve your mood. Although this may be hard to get your head around, with different people advising differently on what we can and can’t eat, choose what best suits your tastebuds and adapt this to your daily life. What works for you, might not work for someone else, so this is super easy to tailor to your needs and lifestyle.

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Find a new hobby

Learning a new skill, finding a new hobby, or going back to something that you used to enjoy are all ways that can increase your mood levels and increase confidence. Whether this be sports, being creative, or cooking, there’s something out there for everyone. Being a part of the City Co-Living Newcastle community, it’s never been easier to break into a new hobby. With an events schedule packed full of all sorts of exciting events, why not check out what’s going on and if there’s something a little different to try? Not only will you get to branch out into something new, but you can do it surrounded by your mates and help each other muddle through it.

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Spend time with loved ones

Spending time with friends and family can make the world of difference if you’re feeling alone. Having quality time with your family and friends and having that physical connection with other people helps to keep you occupied and reminds you of all the good you’ve got around you. You could even tie in some of our other suggestions with quality time with friends and family – for example going for a walk, taking up a new hobby, or even taking up something craft together. You know what they say – a problem shared is a problem halved, so if you’re able to, this is a great way to lift your spirits.

We hope that some of our top tips come in handy for you if you need a little pick-me-up this Mental Health Awareness week. Are there any that you’re keen to try, or do you have your own tried-and-tested methods that you’ve found yourself? We’d love to know more! Reach out on our socials today with your recommendations.

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