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01 November 2023

Essential Amenities for Students in Newcastle Apartments


Finding the perfect student apartment in Newcastle can be a daunting task. With so many options, it's tough to know which amenities are absolutely essential for your student lifestyle. This article cuts through the clutter to highlight the must-have features that will help you in making your Newcastle student apartment a home. You’ll need an ultimate guide to student accommodation in Newcastle to have a well-rounded view of what to expect in your first year.

From fast WiFi to study spaces, we've researched the top priorities for today's students. Read on to discover the most critical amenities that no Newcastle student apartment should be without. You'll finish this article ready to find your dream student flat in Newcastle.

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Must-Have Amenities for Students

Moving away from home for the first time to attend university can be an exciting yet daunting experience. While academic life takes centre stage, finding the right student accommodation is paramount to setting yourself up for success during your studies. Take note – there are things every Newcastle student should know before signing a lease. Are you in search of a modern student apartment? Or fancy shared housing as an option? Maybe try to compare halls vs. private lettings before making a decision to find what’s more suited to your needs. Choosing a property with essential amenities can make all the difference in having a comfortable and productive time as a student in Newcastle.

High-Speed Wi-Fi Connectivity

Reliable high-speed internet is arguably the most crucial amenity for today's tech-savvy students. With much of university work now involving online learning resources, video conferencing, research databases, and digital submission of assignments, having a strong Wi-Fi connection is non-negotiable. Flaky internet will hamper your ability to study effectively, collaborate with peers on group projects, or meet virtually with professors.

Gone are the days when students could get by with a slow dial-up modem! Nowadays, fast broadband enables you to seamlessly stream lectures, download large files, video chat without lag, and work in the cloud - all essential activities for academic success. Properties like M Apartments Newcastle recognize this and make high-speed fibre optic broadband available to guarantee you can perform internet-reliant tasks without frustration.

On-Site Laundry Facilities

Taking care of your own laundry is part and parcel of student life. While some enjoy the responsibility, for many it can be an added chore taking time away from studying. Having an on-site laundry room in your Newcastle student accommodation alleviates this pain point.

The convenience of being able to wash and dry clothes without leaving your building is a huge perk. You won't have to haul bags of laundry to public laundromats or be stressed about machines being available. Plus, not relying on housemates to transfer wet loads from washers to dryers means you can manage your laundry on your own schedule.

With card-operated machines, you also won't have to scrounge around for quarters or deal with other students removing your clothes prematurely. Overall, having laundry facilities on the premises saves you precious time and ensures this necessary task doesn't become a burden during your studies.

Furnished Apartments

There are pros and cons to having furnished apartments in Newcastle. Having furnished apartments can offer convenience, saving students the hassle and cost of purchasing and moving furniture. However, it's important to weigh the pros and cons as some students may prefer the flexibility of furnishing their own space to reflect their personal style and needs, despite the additional effort and expenses. If you’d prefer to decorate and furnish your own apartment, here’s a guide to choosing the best furniture for apartments in Newcastle. For those who would rather have a furnished apartment, you might just need some design tips on how to maximise your space in your Newcastle apartment.

Secure Bike Storage

Cycling is a popular eco-friendly transport mode for students in Newcastle thanks to the city's flat topography and network of bike lanes. With many campus buildings spread throughout the area, having your own set of wheels makes getting to lectures, labs, and libraries much more convenient.

However, leaving your bike chained up on the street leaves it vulnerable to theft and damage from vandalism or the elements. Student accommodation with secure, covered bike storage enables you to safely stow your trusted steed and have peace of mind that it will be protected.

Knowing you have a guaranteed spot to securely park means you can fully embrace cycling as your campus commute without worry. Some complexes even have bike repair stations on site for maintenance and flat tire pumps to get you rolling again quickly. With bike security concerns alleviated, you're free to take advantage of the physical and mental health benefits of regular cycling around Newcastle.

Choosing student housing equipped with must-have amenities like speedy broadband, laundry facilities, and bike storage sets you up for an enjoyable and hassle-free experience. Taking care of life's daily necessities and tasks with ease allows you to focus on your studies and get the most out of your time at university in Newcastle.

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Apartment Hunting Based on Amenities

Evaluating Personal Preferences

When embarking on your apartment hunt as a student in Newcastle, the first step is to evaluate your personal preferences and needs in terms of amenities. Consider what's most important for your daily life and academic success. Make a list of must-have features like high-speed broadband, secure bike storage, laundry facilities on-site, and more. Rank these in order of priority for you. This helps you identify the non-negotiable amenities when viewing potential apartments.

Think about your lifestyle and what you value - do you love to cook? Make sure the kitchen is well-equipped. Is a comfortable bed a top priority for quality sleep? Opt for apartments with premium mattresses included. Defining these preferences upfront prevents you from being swayed by impractical amenities that don't fit your needs. It also saves time filtering listings that don't match your wish list. Being clear on the amenities that matter most means your new home aligns with both academic and personal needs.

City co-living is becoming an increasingly favourable option for Newcastle students. There’s a growing trend of co-living spaces in Newcastle. Beyond the convenience of furnished living spaces, these co-living arrangements often include additional must-have amenities such as high-speed internet, communal study areas, on-site laundry facilities, and shared common spaces for socialising and networking. Some co-living spaces may also provide access to fitness centres, organised events, and 24/7 security, creating a holistic living experience that promotes both academic success and a vibrant social life.

Proximity to University and Local Amenities

Location is a huge factor when apartment hunting as a student. Proximity to the university campus, public transport links, local shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues should all be considered. Look at average commute times to your faculty buildings, libraries, labs, and study spaces. Being able to conveniently walk or bike to class is a major perk.

Nearby bus routes and metro stops are essential if you don't plan on bringing a car. Check how frequently services run, especially late at night or early morning. Proximity to grocery stores, pharmacies, cafes, bars, and other useful local amenities also improves the quality of life as a student. You'll save time running errands and have quick access to necessities.

Platforms like Google Maps make it easy to gauge distances and travel times from potential apartments to key university buildings and local hotspots. Don't just rely on listings claiming "excellent location" - do the research to ensure it's conveniently situated for student living. Have you just finished University? You might be looking for a fresh graduate’s guide to living in Newcastle. You might be trying to find the ideal apartment near key landmarks if you’re moving into the young professional phase.

Online Platforms and Letting Agencies

To find suitable student accommodation equipped with your must-have amenities, utilise online platforms like Rightmove and Zoopla. Set filters for key features like broadband speed, parking availability, number of bedrooms, rent price range, and area proximity. This narrows the search to listings matching your top priorities.

Alternatively, contact established letting agencies like M Apartments for help identifying apartments. Local agents will know available properties and can advise if certain amenities are standard or need to be requested. Some even offer virtual tours so you can pre-screen apartments online before visiting in person. This assists in creating a shortlist of options worth viewing based on amenities.

Whether searching independently or getting support from agents, take notes on apartments under consideration. Think about the amenities, distance to the university/shops, rent costs, lease terms, and more. This facilitates easy comparison so you can determine the best fit once you've viewed a few in person. With preparation and research, finding an apartment aligned with academic and personal needs is achievable.

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Balancing Cost and Comfort with Amenities

Determining a Budget

How to balance your budget as a student renter in Newcastle can be difficult. The first step to balancing cost and comfort is setting a realistic budget that covers basic necessities. When determining your budget, research average rental rates for student housing in different areas of Newcastle. Websites like Rightmove allow you to filter listings by number of bedrooms and price range. This gives you an idea of going rates to inform your budget.

Factor in the cost of essential amenities like the internet and utility bills and find ways to save money on your Newcastle apartment utilities. High-speed broadband can add £20-£40 to the monthly rent. Budgeting £100-150 for energy costs allows you to run electronics, appliances, and heating without constantly worrying about metre readings.

Build in a buffer for variable costs like household items, course materials, and social activities. Having £100-200 surplus monthly prevents constantly living hand-to-mouth. With an accurate budget accounting for fixed and flexible costs, you can then look for accommodation matching your price range.

Importance of Essential Amenities

Sticking to a tight budget doesn't mean sacrificing a comfortable student experience. Prioritising essential amenities ensures your basic needs are covered so you can focus on your studies.

Reliable broadband enables seamless online learning and digital assignment submissions without technological frustrations. On-site laundry facilities save you time trekking to launderettes with bagfuls of dirty clothes. A fully-equipped kitchen makes preparing nutritious home-cooked meals quick and easy between lectures.

Securing a flat with these convenient amenities prevents daily domestic duties from hampering productivity. You avoid wasting energy on time-draining chores and commuting. Instead, that time and effort goes towards academics, social activities, extracurriculars, and part-time work.

Creating a productive workspace in your Newcastle apartment should be a priority. As a student, you are going to need a place where you can concentrate on your studies, equipped with essential tools such as a comfortable desk, ergonomic chair, good lighting, and sufficient storage solutions to organise your books and study materials efficiently.

Though tempting, steer clear of flats with superfluous perks like gyms, lounges, and cinema rooms. These drive up rental costs without providing academic or practical value. Stick to the essential amenities allowing you to live comfortably and study efficiently.

Cost-Saving Strategies

When researching budget accommodation options, look for inclusive deals bundling amenities like internet and bills. M Apartments Newcastle offers competitive all-inclusive rates covering wifi, contents insurance, maintenance costs and more. This prevents surprise service charges from eating into your budget down the line.

Consider flats further from campus offering lower rent in exchange for a longer commute. Exercising from walking or cycling can provide mental respite from studying. Just ensure the location remains conveniently close to public transport links.

To save on household supplies, ask whether complexes provide basics like cooking utensils, pots and pans, cleaning products, bedding, and towels. You avoid paying full price for items you'll use temporarily as a student. Buy non-perishable dry goods in bulk with flatmates to get better value for money.

With strategic budgeting and cost-saving hacks, students can secure quality accommodation with essential amenities catering to academic and lifestyle needs. Comfort doesn't have to break the bank with the right balance of financial pragmatism and practical necessities.

For those specifically looking for affordability, here are some insider tips for finding affordable student housing in Newcastle.

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The Trend of Communal Spaces in Student Apartments

Sure, you know life in Newcastle is dynamic and diverse, but you want to be able to work, live and play in Newcastle’s vibrant city centre. The key is to find an apartment that helps you find that perfect balance between a convenient location for work and leisure activities, a comfortable and well-designed living space that caters to your needs, and access to amenities that promote both relaxation and social engagement.

Games Rooms, Cinema Rooms, and Gyms

Communal spaces like games rooms, private cinemas, and on-site gyms in student apartments are becoming increasingly popular. These shared amenities provide welcome opportunities for relaxation, social interaction, and keeping fit amongst the stresses of academic life.

After long days filled with lectures, seminars, assignments, and studying, games rooms give students a chance to unwind with some friendly competition. Whether it's casual games of pool, ping pong, foosball, or console gaming on massive screens, they're a great outlet to take a mental break from studying. Socialising over games and playful banter is a release from academic pressures.

Cinema or media rooms have comfy seating where you can get together with flatmates for movie nights on a projector screen. Streaming the latest films and binge-watching box sets together is a bonding experience. You can even use the space for playing video games on the big screen for an immersive experience. It beats crowding around someone's laptop!

Having an on-site gym in student flats means you don't have to trek to external gyms or be limited by opening hours. You can fit in exercise whenever it suits your schedule. Many students find working out is an effective stress reliever and the ideal study break when you've been stationary too long. The convenience of having training equipment like weights and cardio machines right downstairs makes maintaining a healthy active lifestyle whilst studying much easier.

Promoting a Sense of Community

The benefit of communal spaces goes far beyond the recreational facilities themselves. They provide natural opportunities for students to interact and bond with flatmates. Engaging in leisure activities in a relaxed context facilitates friendships. You're united by shared interests beyond just happening to live together.

Leaving home for the first time, many students crave that sense of community. Fostering social connections through communal areas alleviates feelings of isolation. Games rooms, cinemas, gyms and more lead to spontaneous conversations, joke sharing, activity coordinating and genuine friend-making.

Living with supportive flatmates who become friends enables a happier student experience. You have a ready-made social circle on your doorstep to try new hobbies, explore the city and create memories together. The communal spaces essentially act as social catalysts that bring students together through shared interests and quality time in a group setting.

Benefits of Social Interaction

This sense of community and social interaction has proven mental health benefits for students. Multiple studies show developing friendships at university leads to less anxiety, depression and loneliness. The transition to independent living away from existing support networks is a major life change. Communal areas help facilitate new connections to provide a sense of belonging.

Beyond mental well-being, students who socially integrate through activities like gaming, movie nights and group exercise have reported lower stress levels. Having fun downtime with others gives you a break from academic pressures. Laughing, joking and relaxing together after classes are an antidote to burnout.

Forming close friendships amongst flatmates also has long-term benefits that continue beyond university. The communal spaces enable you to meet like-minded people you likely wouldn't cross paths with otherwise. Some of these friendships last a lifetime and become an invaluable ongoing support network. Years later when careers diverge and geographical distance grows between you, those bonds create fond memories to cherish.

So the growing trend towards communal amenities serves a greater purpose than just recreational perks on paper. Games rooms, private cinemas, gyms and more provide the setting for social interactions that promote a sense of community, better mental health, stress relief and friendships. With struggling students facing mounting pressures, designing student living to facilitate connecting through fun is hugely impactful.

If you're looking to explore different areas, exploring the best neighbourhoods in Newcastle before selecting your option is a wise idea.

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Dedicated Study Areas in Student Apartments

Quiet Study Spaces

Finding adequate spaces for distraction-free, uninterrupted studying and coursework is a major challenge for many students living in shared flats. The din of housemates socialising, watching TV, gaming, or cooking can make focus near impossible. Seeking refuge in your bedroom offers little respite when noise filters through thin walls and doors. The lack of quiet spaces to study effectively takes a toll both academically and mentally for students.

Dedicated quiet study areas within purpose-built student accommodations alleviate this pain point by providing sanctuary from the bustle of shared living spaces. With soundproofing and strict noise limitations, these secluded spots enable you to delve into unbroken periods of productivity without auditory disturbances. Whether you need to concentrate intently while problem-solving complex equations, memorising linguistics vocabulary, or speed-reading case law, quiet study rooms create the optimal environment. No more frustration when you hit a state of flow only to be yanked out by external distractions.

Just as beneficial, the personal accountability of reserving a study room in advance motivates you to utilise the time effectively once there. You can leverage the freedom from distractions to work diligently through your academic to-do list without wasting the opportunity. For prolonged study sessions, the ability to comfortably spread out materials and snacks across a desk without disturbing others is invaluable. When you eventually emerge hours later feeling mentally drained yet accomplished, you'll appreciate having carved that oasis of calm productivity.

Group Study Areas

While solo study is essential, much of university work involves dynamic group projects requiring lively discussion and collaboration. Whether it's debating theories with classmates before a presentation, comparing essay drafts and providing peer feedback, or collectively solving practice maths problems, group work is inescapable.

Yet the logistics of finding common timeslots amongst everyone's clashing timetables often hinder coordination. Even more challenging is locating appropriate spaces to coalesce as a team without annoying other flatmates. This typically leads to last-minute scrambling in crowded cafes or university libraries at peak times when space is scarce.

Having dedicated areas for group study sessions in student housing solves these headaches. Outfitted with ample desk space, whiteboards, and audiovisual equipment, these multipurpose rooms create the ideal setting for cooperative learning. You can organise team meetings at short notice knowing a practical space awaits. Displaying presentation slides, sketching concepts on whiteboards, and sharing paper handouts is seamless. And you needn't worry about muting lively discussions or reaching a consensus.

The convenience of on-demand bookable group study rooms removes coordination barriers with classmates. You can gather to intensely cram before exams or unite around projects requiring lengthy sessions. Having the flexibility to spread materials across shared desks makes for efficient collaborative work. Fostering social connections with peers in a studious rather than merely social context has lasting benefits.

Access to Academic Resources

The availability of key academic resources within student housing study areas amplifies their utility. Locating reliable printers nearby enables you to swiftly print lecture slides, academic journal articles, essay drafts and other course materials. No more crossing campus late at night to print out those urgent documents. This ensures safe and secure living in Newcastle

Having high-speed broadband facilitates seamless access to university library databases, cloud storage, email communication with professors, video lecture streaming and countless other online learning platforms. You can download reading content or upload assignments without connectivity lag hindering productivity.

Some complexes even provide physical books, academic journals and stationery supplies like staplers, hole punchers and paper reams for communal use. This removes the need to constantly replenish your personal stash. Shared reference materials also enable broader research compared to relying solely on your prescribed textbooks.

The convenience of accessing these academic resources on-site significantly enhances the student experience. You have everything needed for fully-equipped studying across digital and physical platforms. Whether you require robust online access, printing facilities, stationery supplies or reference materials, purpose-built study rooms deliver a one-stop-shop to remove friction from your learning experience.

Having dedicated spaces enabling quiet solo study, dynamic group work and convenient access to academic resources is pivotal for student housing. Purposeful design that carves out areas promoting mental focus and scholastic collaboration makes all the difference in fostering a conducive, productivity-optimising environment. Students equipped with the right facilities perform better academically, forge connections through teamwork and avoid sensory distractions. This sets the foundation for achieving your full potential during university. Now you know what amenities you want, it’s time to get packing!

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