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26 April 2024

5 Things to Remember When Hunting for Your New Home in Newcastle

Searching for your new home can be pretty daunting, especially if it’s the first time you’re moving or you’re heading out to a new city. That’s why we’re here – to make sure you’re in control and help you get the perfect place for you. Looking for top tips for your next house-hunting venture? We’ve got you covered.


Know what you can afford

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This should be Renter:101. If you don’t know what you can afford, how do you know what to look at? Make sure you know what your normal monthly outgoings are, and what funding you have coming in to cover it, so you can establish what budget you’re working with.

Rent isn’t cheap, and the last thing you want to do is find something that you absolutely love only to be told it's hundreds out your budget. That’s why we start our prices at £177pw, to keep those costs low and offer as many people as we can the best living experience in the toon.

Not only do we have a bills package in place, but we’ve got loads of mint amenities that you can use to save money too – why pay for an average gym down the road when you can use the 5* one two floors down from you for free?

Know the hotspots

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Whether you’re a seasoned Geordie or moving to the toon for the first time, you want to know where’s good and where’s not.

Call us biased, but facts are facts. Our building is in THE best spot in the city, right on the Tyne Bridge and the Quayside with the best views of Newcastle and surrounded by some of the best indie restaurants and businesses – it just doesn’t get better than where we are. But we’ll let you decide that for yourselves when you move in.

Shop around

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The demand for high-end housing is extremely high, especially in Newcastle, so a lot of the time you’ll see somewhere you love that has already been rented by someone else. Having multiple options makes life much easier for you, especially if you’re looking for a new home later on in the year.

The fact is, you deserve the absolute best, so that’s why we’ve brought our experts and experience to Newcastle and created City Co-Living Newcastle; to give you what you deserve. We’ve still got some spaces, FYI, so if you’re on the hunt, now’s your chance to secure your spot.

Do you need it? Or do you want it?

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We all have our perfect version of our dream home, but we also have to accept sometimes that we can’t have everything we want. Knowing what you absolutely need in your apartment, so you can make a non-negotiable list, is important so that you don’t end up settling for somewhere that you’re not happy with.

Luckily, we recognise that wanting things in your home is completely normal, that’s why we offer the best amenities that Newcastle has to offer to our residents.

Whether you’re looking for an on-site gym, a cinema room, co-workspaces, or a games room, we’ve got it and more.

Don't forget to ask questions

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The moving process can feel like a whirlwind but make sure you take the time you need to ask questions about your potential future home.

Is there plenty of storage space, is it fully furnished, do you need to bring anything with you when you move in, is there a local shop nearby if you’re running low on something and need to pop out?

These are all questions that seem simple but can quickly get glossed over, and result in you missing out on things you could have benefitted from. So if you’re someone who needs to write a list, don’t sweat it, and go in prepared.

If you decide that we’re where you want to be for the next year, then we’ll be there for your entire booking process – from the day you first hear about us, to your move-in day. We’re also here to answer any questions you might have and make your move-in the best it can be, so why not fire your questions over now?

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