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15 December 2023

3 Ways to Save Your Cash in 2024

Looking for a way to pocket some extra cash next year? Here are some of our best ways to help you start a ‘new year, new me’ relationship with your bank account. From things to do at home to getting those legs moving, our tips to save money will have your bank account saying thank you, trust us.

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Use your pans

It’s time to start cooking at home and clear your pockets out of dusty restaurant receipts.

By cooking at home and nipping to the shops to pick up ingredients for your breakfast, dinner, and tea, you can save yourself a small fortune – and stay super healthy too. From a range of recipes online to that hand-me-down cookbook your parents sent you away to uni with, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. So do not splash the cash on £15 meals and get yourself to the shop and pick up some cheap eats to make your money go further.

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Get your legs moving

By choosing to walk, you will save yourself so much money than you would even think.

Forget the Uber app this year and invest in some comfy trainers to get you from A to B. With the power of being able to walk around the city, you can gain so much from a short walk. Not only does this keep you active but it is also a massive help for your mental health. So why not get up and get walking in the new year. In all fairness everything is only a short 10-minute walk from City Co-Living Newcastle… it would be silly NOT to walk it.

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Check those student deals

Ever thought of checking your student apps this year? With more deals being added every day, you could easily save yourself some extra money next year by checking up on these not-to-be-missed discounts.

From things like online subscriptions to hospitality, and even your high street shops – everything is covered in these fabulous student deals. Also, remember when you’re nipping out to take your student card, as more places than you probably think will provide you with a small discount in their stores, which is why we love a little independent business – always providing.

So, why not take a little TLC with your bank next year and make your money go a little further with our suggestions to help save money in 2024? With the money saved, you never know what you could buy with it; a holiday, a new pair of trainers, or even help with the Christmas shopping next year…

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