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14 June 2024

6 Ways to Celebrate Summer in Newcastle

We’re finally breaking into the summer months, and we don’t know about you, but we intend on making the absolute most of it. Admittedly, we’re hoping for a flash of sun or two across the river to brighten things up a bit, but you cannae dampen a Geordies’ spirit with just a bit of rain. Read on for some of our top summer spots to kickstart your summer.


Get oot and aboot

Want to fill your summer with activities, keeping active, and visiting new places? We can get on board with that.

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Paddle boarding at Tynemouth Longsands

If you’re the type that likes to get out and have a proper activity planned for your day, this will be right up your street. Don’t worry, you don’t need to take anything with you, they have paddleboard and wetsuits available to hire, so you can turn up and be kitted out with no drama. Follow the coastline and we guarantee you’ll see some of the best shots of the toon.

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Rising Sun Country Park

Looking for somewhere that offers you stunning lakes, huge patches of woodlands, and wild animals frolicking about? Rising Sun is where you need to be. A 400-acre park with so much to look at and explore, grab a few mates and a picnic and this is a perfect day in our books.

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View the City from above at Newcastle Castle

Best have a good stretch before you take this one on, because we promise even the fittest among you will have burrrrning calf muscles by the end of this. It’s a hell of a climb, but we cannot tell you how worth it it is when you get to the top. You’ll experience a panoramic view of the toon, get to grips with some of the history, and get in the ultimate workout at the same time. Best reward yourself afterwards with a bite to eat, right?

Try new foods

You know that if there’s one thing we can talk about all day in the toon, it’s the incredible amount of delicious places to eat. We’ll take any excuse to get out and try somewhere new, and now the summer’s here, we’re all about going out with our pals and visiting places we haven’t been before to see what we’re missing out on.

Francesca nca
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Do you ever sit down, look at a menu, and find yourself torn between two options? Well, Francesca’s see you, and they came with a solution. Offering out traditional Italian cuisine, our favourite thing about Francesca’s is they offer a half and half option – half of any pizza, and half of any pasta dish. Perfect for anyone out there struggling to pick one meal, and when we tell you they’re absolutely delicious, this is one to visit ASAP.

Salparo nca
Page Source: @salparaorestaurantuk


Greek food is one of our favourite cuisines in the summer. Basking in the heat, having a little munch on dolmades and hummus, it just doesn’t get any better. That’s why Salparo is one of our go-to spots, tucked under the Tyne Bridge, specialising in sharing plates and a focus on providing good food that’s traditional but always forward-thinking. This is a great choice for a group night out, or maybe even a cheeky date.

Tonkin nca
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Tonkin is a Vietnamese restaurant, and while the menu is on the short side, it’s because they’ve absolutely perfected everything on it. If you’re after something traditional, authentic, and perfectly executed, then we promise this is the place to go. We cannot recommend their pho bowls enough – even talking about them is making us hungry!

Whether you’re looking to expand your palette or to get outdoors and make some memories this summer, there’s plenty in Newcastle to keep you busy. Have we missed something huge off our list? Let us know on our socials.

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