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05 June 2023

A Guide to Luxury Serviced Apartments in Newcastle

Finding the perfect accommodation for you is a thrilling journey, especially if you’re exploring the world of luxury serviced apartments.

These premium flats allow you to enjoy the city on another level, perfect for anyone who wants a beautiful home and impressive on-site amenities — all while in Newcastle's centre. Great for young professionals, students, couples, and anyone who wants to enjoy urban life.

Intrigued by luxury Newcastle City living? Keep reading to find out more about these state-of-the-art residencies and their benefits.


What Is a Luxury Serviced Apartment?

The luxury serviced apartment industry is booming across the UK, but how much do you know about these contemporary living spaces?

Luxury serviced apartments are modern, furnished living spaces available for both long and short-term stays. They cover general amenities and are often based in city centres.

The general features of a serviced apartment can vary, but some are more prominent than others. A luxury serviced apartment usually includes cooking facilities, a private bathroom, included taxes and utility bills, and a cleaning service at least once per week.

Other common additions include a 34-hour reception desk, a small washer dryer or a communal laundry room, and high-speed WiFi.

Apartment accommodation in Newcastle encompasses many unique options, including new luxury services apartments — like our Newcastle Apartments.

M apartments bedroom

Benefits of Luxury Serviced Apartments in Newcastle

Luxury serviced apartments can elevate your experience in the city. We’ve gathered the top benefits to help you find an apartment in Newcastle Upon Tyne City Centre. Don’t forget these at your next viewing!

More Affordable Than Hotels

If you’re looking for short-term accommodation, hotels might be on your radar. However, hotel costs can quickly add up and limit your expenses.

Luxury serviced apartments typically have cheaper overheads without losing the premium feel. You also usually receive more space, which is ideal if you’re in the city for work purposes. A hotel room can end up feeling box-like after a few weeks!

A Comfortable Base

Furnished serviced apartments provide a more comfortable experience than a sterile hotel room or empty apartment. This results in better relaxation and a more positive atmosphere, even if you’re not spending all your time in the apartment.

Bespoke furniture and high-end appliances might not be first on your list, but when you have everything you need, you’ll be grateful for the home comforts.

M aparments bedroom desk detail

Lots of Freedom

Luxury serviced apartments and hotels are frequently in competition for short-term stays and business professionals. Another benefit serviced apartments have over hotels is extra freedom.

At a hotel, you might be disturbed by other guests, and there are housekeeping rules to follow. For example, returning home at a particular time or following rigid meal times. However, an apartment allows you to come and go as you please.

No more scheduling meals around dinner. You can roll in with ease after visiting a few cocktail bars in the ‘toon!

Options for All Needs

Luxury services apartments aren’t “one size fits all.” Nope. These premium residencies have options for all budgets and needs. From streamlined studios to spacious 2-bedroom apartments, you can discover the best of Newcastle in an apartment that reflects your requirements.

A Local Feel

Finally, luxury serviced apartments help you discover the city like a local.

Again, hotels offer an impersonal experience. Serviced apartments provide an authentic view of Newcastle, as you’ll be living in an exciting neighbourhood with other locals. From finding the hidden gems to meeting new friends, it’s easier to get a true taste of the area in an apartment.

Could a Luxury Serviced Apartment Be Right for You?

Luxury serviced apartments are an excellent option for anyone looking to experience the highlights of Newcastle. Hopefully, our guide has helped you understand what these apartments offer and their benefits.

Have a few more questions? Find out more on our FAQ page.

Or jump in and start searching for luxury serviced apartments in Newcastle today.

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