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02 June 2023

All You Need to Know About Finding an Apartment in Newcastle Upon Tyne City Centre

Moving into a new apartment is an exciting process. In no time, you’ll have a new space to decorate and a new city to discover. The possibilities are endless.

But before you get to the satisfying result, you need to do the work and find an apartment. This isn’t always as fun. In fact, many find looking for flats overwhelming. Luckily, there are some tips and tricks to help you find the perfect apartment for you and enjoy the process.

Today, we’re looking at how you can experience luxury Newcastle City living without getting stressed on the way. You’ll be in your new pad in no time.


Choosing an Apartment in Newcastle Upon Tyne: What You Should Know

Ready to dive in? Here are the top tips for those on an apartment search.

Already secured a place? Jump to our top tips for finding bedroom furniture for apartments in Newcastle.

Consider Your Needs

Once you've decided it's time to move to a new apartment, you must get clear on your needs and boundaries. Everyone's housing desires differ slightly, so ensure you understand yours before you line up the viewings.

Standard apartment needs to consider include:

  • Number of rooms/apartment size
  • Budget limitations
  • Transportation links
  • Pet-friendly accommodation
  • Lease length

These are some of the initial considerations you need to make. Don't shy away from these topics if you're sharing an apartment with a friend or partner.

Do you want a luxury serviced apartment? Or do you want to downsize? Having clear expectations makes apartment-finding much easier!

Newcastle street

Look at Different Neighbourhoods

One of the common mistakes apartment seekers make is limiting their search to one neighbourhood.

Newcastle is home to various exciting areas, each with its own charm. The first you explore might not be the best for you — so keep an open mind! From the historic Quayside area to bustling Jesmond and once-industrial Ouseburn, Newcastle’s history through the ages is evidenced around the city. But where will you settle?

Pro Tip: A real-life visit is the best way to get to know a neighbourhood. Schedule a day to explore the area and check out the vibe.

Newcastle’s Popular Activities

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.

With this quote in mind, remember to take note of the city’s amenities in your apartment search. For example, shoppers among us may want to live closer to Eldon Square — the city’s premium leisure and shopping point.

However, others may be more interested in living in the thick of Newcastle’s well-known nightlife. From an alternative night out in Newcastle to non-stop clubs, you can tailor your apartment’s location to your entertainment needs.

Transport Links

Transport is another crucial consideration, especially if you travel for work.

The Tyne and Wear Metro offers connections around the city, including to Gateshead, the Coast, the airport, and Sunderland. If you know you’ll be on the move frequently, research how far your potential apartment is from these handy metro stops.

You can also consider your proximity to Newcastle’s main train station. Trains here connect residents to Manchester, Edinburgh, London, and other major UK destinations.

M apartments communal space

View More Than One Property

Comparison is unwanted in many aspects of life, but it’s a must when apartment searching.

Before you go “all in” with one apartment, view a few more to compare and contrast your options. Some even suggest viewing two or three in one day, as this allows you to weigh up your choices while they’re fresh in your mind.

We wouldn’t recommend viewing more than three in a day, though. Too much of a good thing can become overwhelming!

Take Your Time

Finally, remember to take your time when searching for your Newcastle City apartment. It can be tempting to rush into the process, but slowing down and considering all the details is paramount to finding the perfect place.

The “sweet spot” to start looking for an apartment is one to two months before your desired move-in date. Of course, this isn’t possible in all cases. But try to start looking as early as possible to avoid last-minute issues.

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