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04 July 2023

Exploring the Best Newcastle Neighbourhoods for Young Professionals

Get the inside scoop on the best neighbourhoods in Newcastle for young professionals and what to expect when you move in.


Did you know that the average price of a pint in Newcastle is £3.70, whereas, in London, it’s £6? Rent is also significantly less expensive in Newcastle, at 182.4% lower than in the capital city.

But it isn’t just the affordable rent prices that lure young professionals to the Toon. Newcastle’s bustling centre, closely connected to the universities, bars, shops, restaurants, museums, and other amenities, is ideal if you need a base that’ll keep you comfy and entertained.

If you’re hunting for an apartment in Newcastle, this article will guide you on the best areas in the city for young professionals to lay their hats. If you want us to handle the complete process, we can do that too. Let us help you find an apartment in no time. Otherwise, read on.

Trending Neighbourhoods in Newcastle

A 2016 survey found residents of Newcastle to be the happiest in any city in the UK and the tenth happiest in Europe. If you want to be one of those self-describing as ‘very satisfied with life’, then moving to Newcastle could be in your stars.

With major transport links in the North of England and excellent links to wider Tyne and Wear, Newcastle is well-situated on the map. While rental property in the city centre is more expensive than in the suburbs, just like other cities, the overall cost is lower than in London and even Manchester.

Different urban areas are well-linked within the city’s metro system, so no matter where you live, it’s easy to get around, making work, life, and play easy and convenient in Newcastle. Key landmarks, including the O2 Academy, the iconic Tyne Bridge, and legendary nightlife, are a stone’s throw from one another.

Let’s look at some of the best neighbourhoods in Newcastle for young professionals.


Jesmond street
Image source: www.theguardian.com

Less than 1.5 miles to the north of the city, adjacent to the Town Moor and the Spital Tongues suburb, Jesmond is a chic suburb known for its upmarket establishments, stylish bars and boutiques and luxury apartments.

Victorian and Georgian facades line the streets of Jesmond, with the lush and sprawling Jesmond Dene Park adding to the leafy character of the neighbourhood. Jesmond Dene is one of three conservation areas in the neighbourhood, the others being Branding Village and South Jesmond.

As one of the more affluent areas of Newcastle, rent and property prices here are higher than in other areas (an average house price of £362,854). Still, tenants and homeowners get their money’s worth in the exquisite atmosphere and luxury amenities.

Residential property in Jesmond offers a variety of options from whole houses to 1-bed, 2-bed or studio flats. Young families, first-time buyers, young professionals, and students are attracted to the area creating a diverse community, all just a 10-minute walk from central Newcastle.


The small district of Sandyford is sandwiched between the south border of Jesmond and the North-Eastern border of central Newcastle, with Heaton to the East. Thanks to its proximity to Newcastle University and Northumbria University, Sandyford is a neighbourhood popular with students and professionals who work at the university.

The quiet and calm atmosphere of the area also makes it an attractive residential destination for families. The tight-knit community feel and thriving business in the area make it appealing to many residents.

Breaking away from the historic look of Jesmond, Sandyford features a charming mix of Victorian terrace houses and more modern apartment complexes.


Gosforth street
Image source: www.expedia.co.uk

Gosforth has a high population of young professional residents thank to its diverse offering, including independent cafes, chic bars and pubs, leisure options, and green spaces. Its main green space, Gosforth Park, is home to Newcastle Racecourse, two golf courses, a garden centre, a football centre, the Virgin Money Unity Arena, and a Britannia Hotel.

At a 15-minute drive north of central Newcastle, past Jesmond, Gosforth is a more suburban neighbourhood and quieter option for young professionals that favour peace. Leafy streets, pretty flowerbeds, and green spaces are visible throughout Gosforth, giving it a charming atmosphere.

You needn’t worry about boredom here, though. Gosforth is home to a lively high street, ample leisure and sports facilities, and amenities like supermarkets and independent shops. If that’s still not your speed, how about a day out at the races?


Heaton street
Image source: en.wikipedia.org

For young professionals in search of a different vibe, Heaton might be just what you’re looking for. This laid-back bohemian neighbourhood is 1.5 miles to the east of the city centre and features an eclectic mix of Victorian and Edwardian buildings along with 1930s terraces and semi-detached houses.

Up on the hills about the Ouseburn Valley, the beating heart of Heaton is Heaton Park, a sprawling green space with seasonal flowers, vibrant trees and welcoming open spaces and play areas.

The bustling Chillinham Road high street features an abundance of independent businesses and local gems. Heaton is a more affordable option for students and young professionals with a rustic, friendly, and charming vibe that attracts friendly people to the area.


Quayside is nestled between Gateshead and Newcastle city centre, along the banks of the River Tyne and next to the landmarks of the Tyne Bridge and Gateshead Millennium Bridge. Thanks to its central location, Quayside is known for its flashy, luxury aesthetic and atmosphere, with lively nightlife available at the drop of a hat.

When the sun is up, Quayside’s elegant architecture, metropolitan scene, and cultural venues like the BALTIC art gallery and popular concert venue Sage Gateshead make it a sought-after destination for young professionals to rent.

Renting in Newcastle: What to Expect

Navigating Newcastle’s property market as a young professional is no direct journey. So here’s a snapshot of what you can expect living in Newcastle in 2023 and what yuppies should know about letting in the Toon before making the move.

Newcastle is one of the most affordable cities in the UK.

Newcastle ranked as the 6th safest city and 4th friendliest city in the UK in a survey by Provident Personal Credit in 2022.

The average cost of renting a flat in Newcastle is £1,212 pcm.

The cost of living in Newcastle for a single person is £739 pcm excluding rent.

Amenities and Attractions for Young Professionals

Newcastle city view
Image source: www.kayak.co.uk

From a young professional’s perspective, Newcastle has everything you need. The friendly and happy heart of North East England, Newcastle offers myriad different cultural hotspots. Among numerous galleries, museums, and theatres, the BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art stands out as a leading UK institution in a converted flour mill which regularly welcomes local, national, and international artists.

Newcastle is a city that buzzes with life which is echoed in its dynamic and moving architecture. The iconic Tyne Bridge and neighbouring Millenium Gateshead Bridge define the landscape of Newcastle, as does the historic the Newcastle Castle. Victoria Tunnel, another historic landmark and well-preserved coal waggonway, offers guided tours with a unique perspective on the city.

Residents of Newcastle don’t want for green spaces with the vast outstretching Town Moor, which is larger than both Hampstead Heath and Hyde Park combined. The move to Newcastle will be smooth whether you’re coming from urban or rural areas.

Newcastle’s amenities for food and drink range from stylish bars, exclusive restaurants, and dining experiences to pub grub, street food, and the vintage Grainger Market. We recommend visiting Grey Street, acclaimed to be one of the UK’s best streets and lined with high-end dining options.

The different areas of the city are well connected by the comprehensive Metro system, bus network, and central train station. The city also features many cycling routes.

Are you ready to take the next step and become part of this vibrant city? Contact us to find out about apartments or co-city living, or book a viewing today.

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