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30 June 2023

What to Look for in a Newcastle Letting Agent

A letting agent can take the stress out of relocating and finding an apartment that will let you thrive. Here’s what to know about hiring a letting agent.


The benefits of hiring a lettings agent are numerous, and if you talk to any tenant who has used one, especially in 2023 when the rental market is a formidable thing for anyone to face, they’re likely to sing praises of the stress-free process and opportunities otherwise not visible.

A lettings agent is a valuable asset in property management and the rental market. In this article, we’ll explain what you should look for in a good letting agent to ensure you make the most of your move.


Agent Credentials and Reputation

The Importance of Credentials

Ensuring the letting agent you choose has the right credentials is important. This is the best indicator that they have the industry experience to find you a good quality lease and build essential trust. Hiring a certified letting agent can give you peace of mind, knowing they uphold ethical practices and offer protection from rental scams.

What credentials should you look for in lettings agencies?

Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA): the UK’s largest professional body for letting agents, setting standards that letting agents should meet.

Safeagent (formerly the National Approved Letting Scheme): a not-for-profit accreditation scheme that defines the standards letting agents should comply with to offer a professional level of service.

The Regulation of Property Agents (RoPA): the governing body that oversees rules and regulations concerning letting agents in the UK and demands certain qualifications and standards.

Checking an Agent’s Reputation

Another key step in your selection process should be investigating an agent’s reputation. A positive reputation indicates reliability and trustworthiness, and the skills at managing property that land you a great apartment.

Before deciding which letting agent to work with, tame the time to check their reviews and testimonials online. You can check their Google Business reviews, Trustpilot account, and look at their social media channels.

If you have the opportunity to speak to other tenants, you could ask about the letting agency services.

Letting Agent's Past Experience

A letting agent or agency’s track record offers valuable insight into their knowledge of the market. A good record of past experience can lead to a better selection of lease options, better matches between you and the types of properties you’re looking for, and insights into fair pricing and desirable locations.

Doing your due diligence when checking on letting agents will help you avoid rental scams and give you the best opportunities when seeking a rental property. Asking current or previous tenants can give you an inside view of how the letting agency performs.


Services Offered by Letting Agents

You can take advantage of a range of letting agent services by working with a good, reputable letting agency.

When it comes to tenants, letting agents offer some key services that make the process of finding a rental property and signing a lease much easier.



Property Viewings

A letting agent will provide a comprehensive property viewing tailored to your needs and will be able to answer all your questions with detailed information.

Application Assistance

Your agent will handle the paperwork and ensure everything is clear and easy for you to understand. They will also guide you through the necessary background checks and negotiate the lease terms with you.

Maintenance and Repair Services

Liaising between landlords and tenants, letting agents can facilitate maintenance services to keep the property in good working condition.

Relocation Assistance

Relocation to a new city is a stressful task. Letting agents offer professional support throughout the whole process to ensure a smooth move.

General ongoing support

In their role as the middle man between tenants and landlords, letting agents can handle questions and concerns, facilitate communication between both parties, ensure payments are made promptly, and manage any disputes to ensure a positive renting experience.

Complete Property Management Services

Letting agents often offer complete property management, including marketing the property; managing viewings; drawing up, managing, and negotiating contracts; screening potential tenants; and handling repairs and maintenance. Essentially, they act as a middleman between the landlord and the tenant.

This is an excellent service for landlords or property investors who live far away from their property or just don’t have the time to manage it themselves. For tenants, letting agents can simplify the relocation process thanks to their professional approach and skillsets.

Letting Agents in Newcastle

If you’re thinking of relocating to Newcastle for university or to start a new job, you’ve already found one of the best letting agencies in the Toon. M Apartments Newcastle is an award-winning agency that will help you find an apartment in no time. We have a range of luxury studio apartments, one-bedroom apartments, and two-bedroom apartments in Newcastle.

Book a viewing or give us a call today to learn more.


Tips for Working with Letting Agents

As award-winning letting agents, here’s our take on what’s important to do when working with an agency to find you a good lease.

Discuss your rights as a tenant: your private renting rights in the UK are vital to protecting your wellbeing as a tenant. Make sure you know what they are to ensure you live in a safe, well-maintained, and good-quality property if they ever come up between you and your landlord, other tenants, or letting agent.

Start with good lines of communication: open, respectful communication are essential to building a rapport and gaining trust with your letting agent. Make sure you are proactive from the beginning and readily discuss issues and concerns.

Negotiate lease terms fairly: letting agents are professionals and will detect if you are trying to unfairly negotiate rent and terms. If you want to negotiate, ensure you do so openly and fairly. Your letting agent may even identify opportunities in your favour you hadn’t previously seen.

Be fair and measured in handling disputes: being rational during disputes—even if you know you are in the right—will perpetuate a positive image for you. If disputes arise, stick to facts and listen to all sides of the story. Remember that your letting agent is there to help you and to get to the bottom of the issue.

Understand the roles and responsibilities of your letting agent: letting agents have certain duties outside of the landlord’s responsibilities. Ensure these are clear from the get-go. If you’re unsure what they are, your letting agent will happily discuss them with you.

Get in touch today if you want a reliable, proactive letting agent from an award-winning agency to help you find your dream apartment in Newcastle.

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