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07 July 2023

What to pack for university: the ultimate first year checklist

Howay, freshers! If you're Googling ‘university checklist’ chances are you're a couple of months away from flying the nest. Deciding what to take to university can be very overwhelming so if you’re not sure where to start, we’ve got you covered with the ultimate first year checklist – buckle up, it's time to get prepared.

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Bedroom essentials

Top tip: check what is already included in your room! Aim to travel light, so maybe leave the giant teddy bear behind…

  • Bedding

Let's dive into the realm of bedding, and believe us when we say that a divine bed setup can transform your uni life. It's like snuggling up in a cloud of comfort after surviving a tornado of lectures, and don't forget to invest in a mattress topper – it's the secret ingredient to blissful slumber!

  • Lighting

Now, let's brighten things up! Say goodbye to gloomy dungeons and hello to the dazzling world of fairy lights. Find a lamp that can rescue your eyes from the fierce glare of your laptop screen and turn your room into a zen paradise because, let's be honest, you'll need a tranquil oasis to escape the madness of late-night cramming.

  • All things cosy

Ah, the cosy factor! Sprinkle your room with cushions, throws, and maybe even a house plant or two. Create a sanctuary where you can unwind and rejuvenate after battling the uni chaos. Oh, and don't forget to bring your favourite photos! Frame them or stick them on a pinboard to keep those cherished memories close.

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Hot tips for the kitchen

Top tip: Even though it’s very tempting, living on takeaways might not be the best idea for your health, or your bank account. Take these basics to ensure you’re cooking up a storm.

  • The basics

Now, let's tackle the notorious kitchen zone. Fear not, equip yourself with the essentials: crockery, glasses, cutlery, and a trusty arsenal of knives and saucepans. Avoid the dreaded "too many toastie makers" scenario – coordination with your flatmates is key.

  • Cleaning products

Cleaning products, the unsung heroes of cleanliness! You don't need a warehouse full of them, but do gather the essentials: washing up liquid, bin bags, air freshener, and the mighty duo of cloths and surface spray. Remember, a tidy space equals a happy place!

  • Added luxuries

Let's sprinkle some luxury on your uni life. A coffee maker will rescue you from the clutches of the Starbucks monster (who needs it anyway?).

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The boring stuff

Top tip: Don’t forget to bring plenty of towels so you can have them on rotation.

  • Bathroom bits

Now, let's address the "boring" stuff – essential, yet not as thrilling. In the bathroom, pack your trusty shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, and toothpaste (fresh breath is a must) And oh, the legendary toilet roll – an absolute must-have.

  • Medicine

Don't forget to stock up on painkillers, lemsip, and vitamins to conquer the notorious freshers' flu. Survival mode: activated!

  • Storage

Storage is your new best buddy. Vacuum bags are the superhero sidekick here – shove them under the bed, and voila! More space for your delightful chaos.

  • Clothes

Pack the essentials, but remember to save some room for the new threads you'll snag with your fabulous student discounts. Fashionable AND thrifty – you're a style-savvy genius.

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Totally tech

Top tip: check if you are eligible for a bursary, you could pay for any tech products with this.

  • Laptop

Now, let's enter the realm of technology. Having the most up-to-date laptop will be your lifesaver throughout uni and will probably be the thing to count on the most in the wild jungle of uni life.

  • Headphones

And don't forget the magical noise-cancelling headphones – they'll transport you to the study zone or help you conquer the gym while jamming to epic beats.

  • USB stick

Oh, and a USB stick with loads of storage. Trust us, you’ll need it.

Our last top tip, arguably the most important … bring your beer pong along with a pack of cards. These are the real uni stables and will create long-lasting friendships. You’re about to start some of the best years of your life, enjoy every minute and we wish you all the best.

Let us know if this has been helpful, or keep us updated on how your university move is going @ncapartments_!

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