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10 November 2023

6 Festive Movies to Add to Your Must0Watch List this Christmas

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year (obviously!) and watching a good Christmas film is a must on our festive bucket list for this year. Who doesn’t want to curl up in some cosy Jim Jams, have a piping hot chocolate whilst the windows mist over, and settle down to one of our top picks on your Christmas watch list? We’ve got some good ones here.


It's time to get the tissues out

It’s time for the classic feel-good films of Christmas 2023, with these heart-warming watches, you can’t go wrong with getting the tissues out and having a little happy cry to our favourite feel-good films.

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Miracle on 34th Street, 1994

This 1994 classic will get those tears rolling with an all-star cast including Dylan McDermott, Elizabeth Perkins, and the memorable Richard Attenborough – who we all reconcile as being the famous Kiss Kringle, after being the loving grandad from Jurassic Park.

With a wholesome storyline of a young family who discover the magic of Santa Claus. When the magic of Kris Kringle comes into their lives, the lawyer and his little girl must prove that the man claiming to be Father Christmas is the real deal. A heart-warming and loving story, not to be missed.

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“If you ever need me, I’ll be right here,” tear jerkers, right? The beloved Jack Frost is a classic feel-good film that you can watch as you wrap up your presents this year. It follows the touching story of Charlie who magically reunites with his deceased Dad through the presence of a snowman. When his father comes to life, the pair make up for lost time that they have missed out on as a parent and child bond. A loving story that will make your heart feel warm and the tears roll with this loving watch.

The ones you can't beat

These classics are not one to miss out on this year, whether you’re watching them with family or friends, they are an easy watch which is unmissable during the festive season to pop on your television.

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It’s A Wonderful Life, 1946

This Christmas classic is not one to be missed, and I’m sure all our dads like to pull it out for a family sit-down over the festive period – we’ve all been there. This American classic tells the story of George Bailey, a businessman who loses his business on Christmas Eve and contemplates ending his life for the sake of not going to prison and leaving his loving family. When a guardian angel visits him on Christmas Eve, George’s life is turned around and his new friend shows him what his life would be like if he had never been born. A truly humbling watch and one we recommend this festive period.

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Die Hard, 1988

A controversial classic of ours, don’t worry if you don’t think it’s a Christmas film ‘cause we still think it’s a banger. Set around Christmas in LA, a New York City police officer tries to save his beloved wife and several others who terrorists have taken hostage. Action, thriller, and Christmas all rolled into one, complete with Bruce Willis and Alan Rickman – what more could you want?

Ho Ho Ho your way through

The ones that will make you laugh your way through the festive period are these wholesome classics. Whether you want to laugh, cry or feel good about Christmas this year, these are ones not to miss out on.

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Home Alone, 1990

The perfect selection of films to have a movie marathon with, if you ask us… From the original Home Alone in 1990 to a brand-new version made in 2021, this selection is a classic comedy in our books.

Whilst the McCallister family is preparing for a vacation in Paris, the youngest member of the family, Kevin, is accidentally left behind. The storyline follows a trail of ups and downs of Kevin managing to live on his own after his Christmas wish was that his family would leave him alone. But when Kevin discovers two burglars who try to invade the family home, he has to step his game up and become the man of the house. A heart-warming, easy-watching film which provides a barrel of laughs to anyone who watches it – certainly one of our favourites.

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Image Source: @vhssociety

Elf, 2004

One that will make you laugh, cry, and want to eat Candy Canes – well we do anyway. This Will Ferrell classic is one not to miss when you and your friends fancy a good old belly laugh. With the innocent story of Buddy the Elf, he soon realises that life in the North Pole isn’t all that it seems. When venturing to New York to find his biological Father where he comes across different paths and a new way of life he has never experienced before. A good one to definitely make your belly jiggle this festive season.

With an amazing selection of our favourite films lined up for you for the festive period, it’s totally time to snuggle down with a hot chocolate, get the blankets out and get cosy with our ultimate Christmas movie list.

Let us know your set up for watching our favourites or let us know your favourite Christmas watch on our socials.

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