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29 May 2023

Discover the Best of Newcastle

Do you know the most popular spots in the ‘toon?

Newcastle is home to endless fun and mischief. From memorable nights out to transporting yourself back in time, this historic city has day (and night) activities for all tastes. Uh-huh, there are things to do for students and families alike!

Whether you’re a Newcastle native or just visiting, take a peep at the top activities below. We’ve gathered the best ways to get creativewith your time in the city. You won’t want to miss any of these exciting elements!


The Biscuit Factory

We’re kicking the list off with a popular scran spot.

Newcastle is home to some of the best restaurants for a night out, but today we’re flipping the script. Meet The Biscuit Factory, a favourite brunch spot and contemporary art gallery.

Here you can sample classic brunch dishes while enjoying a modern ambience. There’s even an afternoon tea menu for anyone who fancies a refreshing cuppa. Don’t worry if you’re not an art buff. This eatery can be enjoyed without perusing the galleries.

Address: 16 Stoddart St, Shieldfield, Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 1AN

St james ark newcastle
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St James Park

Calling all footie fans.

A trip to Newcastle isn’t complete without a visit to St James Park, the home of Newcastle United F.C. This stadium provides behind-the-scenes tours, and you can grab a pint and some food in the stadium’s Shearer’s Bar.

It’s not for everyone, but this is a must-see part of Newcastle’s history if you are into your sports.

Victoria Tunnel

What do you imagine the 19th century was like? Forget trying to conjure images in your head. With a Victoria Tunnel tour, you can step back to the 1800s and see for yourself.

The Victoria Tunnel is a pristine wagonway that stretches under the city from the Town Moor to the Tune River. The impressive structure was originally built to transport coal but was converted into air-raid shelters during World War 2.

Today, you can take a tour through the tunnel and hear the stories of the past from an expert guide. This includes paranormal tales and a chance to walk beneath the Roman Hadrian’s Wall! Great fun for a family day out.

Quayside market
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Quayside Sunday Market

If the sun’s shining, don’t waste it!

The Quayside Sunday Market is the perfect spot to embrace good weather and enjoy the city’s atmosphere at the end of the week. With waterside views, independent shops, and lots of creativity, this market is the place for a leisurely stroll (or browse).

Fancy a bite? The market’s also home to street food vendors and food trucks. From authentic Greek eats to freshly baked pizza and vegan dishes, it’s hard not to be tempted to nibble. Plus, this is the perfect hangover cure after an alternative night out in Newcastle.

Opening Time: 9 am to 4 pm every Sunday.

Discovery Museum

A museum is always a fun way to spend a day off, especially if you have young ones with you.

What better way to entertain the tots (and yourself) than with an educational and interactive afternoon at the Discovery Museum? This jam-packed archive tells the tale of Newcastle’s past, from its early Roman start to the industrial Victorian era. Perfect for anyone wanting to learn their Geordie history.

Newcastle Castle

Wondering where Newcastle got its name from? From Newcastle Castle, of course! And you can still visit the very castle now.

Well, not exactly. However, you can visit the mediaeval castle built to replace the even older castle that gave Newcastle its name. Whether you sign up for a castle tour or watch a blockbuster film amongst the ruins (yes, they have movie nights), this is a place you need to explore.

Newcastle Upon Tyne

Gateshead Millennium Bridge

Finally, it’s not a trip to Newcastle if you don’t take a moment to marvel at the Gateshead Millennium Bridge.

Situated between the south bank Gateshead arts quarter and the north bank Quayside area, this bridge is worthy of an Instagram snapshot or two. If you want to take your visit up a notch, visit at noon between May and September to see the bridge lift.

Fun Fact: This is the world’s first tilting bridge ever constructed.

Making the Most of Newcastle

What do you think of your top Newcastle picks? Did we cover the best of the city? Or have we missed out some hidden gems? Let us know! Send us your favourite Newcastle attractions on our socials — @ncapartments_.

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