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03 July 2023

How to Find Your Perfect Apartment in Newcastle

Navigating the complex process of apartment hunting can be daunting. Here’s everything you need to know to find your perfect place.


Take a deep breath. You’re about to start the long and arduous journey to find your apartment in Newcastle.

Only joking. Navigating the Newcastle rental market isn’t really that daunting, especially with guidance like this. M Apartments is a letting agency working with students and young professionals to pair them with their perfect apartments across Newcastle. In this article, we’ll provide you with our insights into finding your next apartment and everything you need to know to find the perfect place.

1 bedroom kitchen area in Newcastle

Understand Your Housing Needs

Your apartment search starts with you. What are your requirements, wants, and limitations? Below are the fundamental factors to consider.


Almost certainly, the first thing on everyone’s mind when they start thinking about moving to a new apartment: budget. It’s essential to know your budget to ensure you get the most out of apartment hunting and prevent overstretching your finances.

If you work with a letting agent, ensure your budget is clear with them. You may be able to negotiate on rent with your letting agent if they understand your situation well. Consider your income and all outgoings to determine how much financial leeway you have to work with. Outgoings include:

Council tax

Gas, electric, oil, water


Income tax and national insurance

Telephone contract and WiFi

Loan repayments




Other outgoings (clothes, dinners, drinks, trips, etc.)

Use the Citizen’s Advice budgeting tool to calculate your budget.

Apartment prices will vary in Newcastle, with more expensive options in the city centre and in certain neighbourhoods like Jesmond. Apartment size is also a factor in the cost of rent. More on that below.


Transportation Links

Do you drive or use public transport? Would you prefer to cycle or walk to work or university? Proximity to public transport is often a priority for students, so check how close tram, train, and bus connections are.

In Newcastle, the comprehensive Metro system connects the city well with the suburbs. The city as a whole is well-connected with the rest of the world via Newcastle Central Station.


What’s important to have nearby? A gym or green space for exercise? Restaurants and bars? Shops? Newcastle’s varying neighbourhoods each offer a plethora of options, so make sure you choose the ideal one for you and look for apartments close to the amenities you’re after.


Just as different neighbourhoods offer different amenities, their vibes are unique too. Finding an area that matches your personality, lifestyle, and goals could make or break your Newcastle living experience.

Check our article for the top Newcastle neighbourhoods for young professionals.

Lease Length

Though you can likely renew your lease, you should consider this before you start your hunt. Do you need a short-term lease because you have plans for travel or new jobs in the pipeline? Conversely, would you like the security of knowing you can make a home for a year or longer? Then a long-term lease is a must.

Leases are typically 6-12 months long. It’s important to know what to ask the landlord or letting agent about leases so you can make an informed decision.


The size of your apartment will affect the price, so it’s important to know what you’re looking for. Depending on your lifestyle, you might need one bedroom or two, or a studio apartment might be sufficient. Consider the number of people that will live in the flat. Is it just one, or will you have a flatmate? Are you moving in with family members? Do you have a partner? Will friends or family visit regularly? If you work from home, perhaps you’d like a spare room to convert into an office.

Studio (ideal for solo living)

1-bedroom (couples or those wanting more space)

2-bedroom (small families or flatshares)

Living Situation

Furnished or unfurnished? Flatmates or solitude? What is your ideal living situation?


Co-living is a great solution for students and young professionals who would like the company of other flatmates. Co-living is also a good solution if you want more space but are limited by budget.

Living Alone

If you value privacy and peace more, then living alone might be a better option. However, this can be costly and potentially isolating.


Tips for Apartment Hunting

Start with your needs. As mentioned above, be clear on your priorities and keep these in mind when searching, or communicate them to your letting agent.

Keep your commute in mind. Check what the journeys are like to university, work, and other important places. You might want to take a look at public transport routes on Google Maps or do a test run to check the journey is easy and safe.

Validate the letting agent or landlord. It’s important to check they have a good reputation. Read reviews and talk to other tenants if you can to avoid rental scams.

Start your search early. Rushing to find an apartment is stressful, and you might end up in a situation you’re not completely happy with. Starting early means you have ample time to book a few viewings and get a feel for the places you’d like to live. You could even time your move in off-peak rent season to make it easier.

Be responsive to landlords and letting agents. Apartments get snapped up quickly! Ensure you respond to messages promptly and keep lines of communication active to ensure you have a good chance of bagging the place you want.

How can a letting agent help?

Letting agents take the stress out of apartment hunting and often identify great opportunities that you could otherwise miss. A letting agent will remove your search's time-consuming and heavy-lifting aspects, working away in the background to find options that suit your needs.

Letting agents will know the areas of the city well and will be able to recommend suitable neighbourhoods based on your wants, needs, and living situation. They generally have a broad range of listings, some of which might not be publicly available. You can also negotiate your rent with a letting agent and benefit from renter’s insurance.

If this is your first time living away from home, in a new city, or alone, a letting agent can provide guidance and support, helping you to navigate the process with your best interests at heart. M Apartments is an award-winning letting agency in Newcastle. We’ll do all the above and more to ensure you find the apartment of your dreams. Arrange a call with us today.


Making the Most of Apartment Viewings

When you attend apartment viewings, ensure you get the most out of them by being vigilant and thoroughly inspecting the apartment, especially if you’re a first-time renter. It’s imperative to visit the apartment in person before signing the lease. Use these tips to get the most out of each viewing.

When visiting the apartment, check for signs of damage, pests, and maintenance issues. Look closely at finishes and fittings. Ask who is responsible for repairs and the terms on which the interior should be maintained.

Read the lease or contract thoroughly and ensure you understand the terms. Clarify anything you need to with the landlord or letting agency.

Talk to the relevant person about utilities, whether they are included in the rent, and who is responsible for ensuring they are paid.

Check the shower pressure, taps, doors, cupboards, and lights to ensure things are in good working order.

Discuss rent increases: whether and when the landlord plans to increase the rent and how much notice will be provided.

Check the mobile phone reception while in the apartment to ensure good network coverage.

Explore the neighbourhood to get a feel for the area. Will you feel safe and happy? Are essential amenities nearby.

Check the security of the apartment, the locks on the doors and other security measures like alarms. If you are considering co-living, you may wish to check whether your room can be locked. Is there a secure post box or area, and are the communal areas well-lit?

Check for adequate storage space for your needs. Is there enough room for things like bikes if needed?

Understand the situation for parking if you have a car. Will it be accessible and safe? Is there a parking charge?

Talk to M Apartments for professional support and guidance on your apartment search. We’ll help you find the perfect place, no matter what you’re after.

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