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02 October 2023

Newcastle Renting Statistics, Facts, and Figures: A Definitive List

Renting in Newcastle, a vibrant city in the North East of England, is a common housing choice for students, young professionals, and residents. There’s no doubt that the rise in the cost of living has had a significant impact on renting in Newcastle. Home to 42,000 students every year, with international students making up 29% of Newcastle University’s student population, the city offers a diverse range of accommodation options to cater to the needs and preferences of all. Here’s an overview of what you can expect when renting in Newcastle. We’ll give you all the statistics, facts, and figures to help you make that decision.


The Price of Renting in Newcastle

The cost of student accommodation in Newcastle varies based on the type of housing you choose. You can opt to live in University accommodation, Newcastle apartments, shared private housing, or studio flats. Rental prices vary depending on the property type and its location. Areas closer to the city centre will cost more.

In Newcastle-upon-Tyne City Profile - it was reported that 45% of economically inactive working-age residents are students, which represents the city’s large student population from two major universities: Newcastle University and Northumbria University.

In 2022/23, Newcastle-based property experts at Walton Robinson (now named Seekers) reported remarkable rental price increases for student landlords, with some cases showing growth exceeding 20%. This incline has been reportedly growing since 2021. This increase is attributed to a surge in student demand, with a 70% rise in student enquiries for the 2022/23 season compared to the last academic year.

To reduce costs, consider shared student accommodation or house shares. This will involve sharing common areas (e.g. kitchen or bathroom) with tenants. It can be hard finding the perfect off-campus house but it will help you in cutting those costs down. If you feel as though your rent price does not match the quality of accommodation, question it. Try to negotiate your rent price with the landlord or property manager.

Another thing to keep in mind is bills. Are you covered? In most rental agreements, utilities such as electricity, gas, water and WIFI might be included in the rent. It's crucial to have a clear discussion with your landlord or property manager to confirm the specific terms regarding these utilities.

Don’t worry – It’s not all bad here in Newcastle. Expatistan estimates that the cost of living in Newcastle is 33% cheaper than in London, making it a more affordable option for students. Numbeo had similar findings in comparing the cost of living between Newcastle and London, detailing that if you were spending £5,927.5 in London, you would spend £3,400 in Newcastle to maintain the same standard of life. This is why Newcastle has always been deemed an affordable option for students. Don’t worry – you won’t be expected to spend £3,400 a month as a student!

Here are your options:

If you’re a first-year student, you will need an ultimate guide to student accommodation in Newcastle. Newcastle University has compiled an accommodation guide to help students in weighing out their options. Undergraduate accommodation options range from £98 - £173 ppw while postgraduate accommodation options range from £107.94 - £185.50 ppw. If you do opt to go for private accommodation outside of University, do you know what to look for in a Newcastle’s letting agent?

A demand for less basic accommodation options is growing among students and there has been a rise in luxury living in Newcastle. This trend reflects a growing demand for high-quality accommodations that offer more than just the basics. City co-living is brand new for 2023 and is a great option for students wanting a more luxurious accommodation experience. Here you have access to gyms, cinema rooms, private suites, study areas and communal areas.

A study on co-living conducted by The Collective found that:

  • 71% of individuals living in co-living spaces reported an improvement in their social life as a direct result of their shared community living arrangements.
  • Co-living resonates strongly with millennials (between ages 25-40) and high value is placed on the social and communal aspects of their living situation.

Savills research found that 51% of European investors plan to engage and invest in co-living across the next 3 years. It’s the next big thing and is a very popular choice for students seeking social integration.

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Average Rent Prices Across Different Areas in Newcastle

Student housing rates in Newcastle vary widely, with prices ranging from £70 to over £350 per person per week (pppw). On average, student apartments or houses in Newcastle typically rent for around £83 pppw, excluding bills. In the case of purpose-built apartments, the average rate is approximately £108 pppw.


  • The most popular student area
  • Rental prices can range from £80 to £150 pppw for shared houses or apartments.
  • Luxury or high-end accommodation in Jesmond might exceed £150 pppw.


  • Popular student-friendly area.
  • Rent falls in the range of £70 to £100 pppw for shared housing.
  • Prices may vary depending on property condition and amenities.


  • More affordable option for students
  • Rental prices range from £60 to £150 pppw.
  • It provides a budget-friendly alternative to some of the pricier areas.

A Sandyford residents survey found that:

  • 86% of occupiers were satisfied with their property conditions.
  • Private rented tenants were the least satisfied at 27%.
  • Just over half of students (25%) said they would continue to live in the area in the next year or after finishing university.
  • Students were more concerned about parking and lack of green space.
  • Overall, 91% of respondents felt safe in the Sandyford area.

City Centre:

  • Living in the City Centre offers great convenience for its location, but can be expensive.
  • Rent usually starts from around £90 to £200 pppw for shared apartments or studios.
  • Luxury accommodations are likely to exceed £200 pppw.

If you’re a young professional, you might expect to pay more. The average cost of renting a one-bedroom apartment in Newcastle is £795 per month.

It's important to note that these rental price ranges are approximate and can change over time. Factors like property condition, location, and demand can influence rental rates. Additionally, some student accommodations may offer all-inclusive rent that covers utilities and internet, while others may have separate bills. Students should research and compare options to find the best accommodation that suits their budget and preferences.

Renting in Newcastle

As of 2018, Chronicle Live reported that Newcastle has the highest rate of student housing in the UK, with one in every 15 homes being a student property.

Bricks and Mortar reported in 2022 that the availability of privately rented housing in Newcastle has declined. To meet both current and future demand, Newcastle must secure an additional 1,023 private properties annually. In the past five years, Newcastle has experienced a loss of 1,482 privately rented homes, indicating a diminishing supply.

Newcastle Students Union addressed this housing shortage and advised students to look for accommodation very early to avoid disappointment. The University can only guarantee accommodation for first-year students. Due to the scarcity, it’s advisable for students to start their accommodation search early.

Types of Tenancy Agreements

Typically, when individuals or groups rent a property in the private rented sector, they will often enter into an Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST). This is the most common type of tenancy arrangement that students encounter when renting in the private sector.

According to Newcastle University’s Student’s Union:

  • Students are generally presented with a standard fixed-term lease of 12 months, although the possibility of shorter terms or negotiation for such terms exists.
  • If you choose to enter into a fixed-term Tenancy Agreement, you are obligated to pay rent for the entire duration of that agreement.
  • Under this arrangement, you will typically enjoy "exclusive possession" of your room or, more commonly, the entire property. It's important to note that the landlord or agent can only access the areas if they provide you with a written notice at least 24 hours in advance.
  • However, if you opt to rent from the university or cohabit with your landlord, you may be subject to a different type of tenancy or licensing agreement, which may come with distinct notice and access rights.
  • It's worth noting that contracts can take either written or verbal form, and both carry legal validity and binding obligations.

Save the Student conducted a national student survey and found that students who opted to choose private landlords were paying less each month on average compared to those in private or university-run halls. The proportion of student tenants struggling with rent has increased since the 2022 survey, up from 53% to 63%. You might want to keep this in mind when budgeting for university.

Newcastle bridge

Students and Young Professionals: Life in Newcastle

Navigating Newcastle’s property market as a young professional or a student can be difficult if you’re a beginner. Newcastle has long been a beacon for students and young professionals from all corners of the globe. If you are embarking on your educational or professional journey in Newcastle, good luck to you! You’ll be calling Newcastle home in no time.

Expect a vibrant social scene and welcoming atmosphere. As a student or young professional in Newcastle, you’ll find yourself in a city that seamlessly balances the demands of education and work, with the thrill of youthful exploration.

Expect a vibrant social scene and welcoming atmosphere. In 2019, a survey conducted by Big 7 Travel confirmed this to be true and gave Newcastle the title: ‘Friendliest City in the UK’. Another selling point of this beautiful city is its reputation for nightlife. The city's nightlife is legendary, with numerous bars, clubs, and pubs lining the streets of the Bigg Market, Collingwood Street (known as the "Diamond Strip"), and Ouseburn Valley. Whether you're into dancing, live music, or a quiet pint, Newcastle has something for everyone.

Get Licensed settled the debate of which city has the best nightlife with a study. In 2023, Newcastle was crowned as the UK’s best city for a night out, scoring 8.19 out of 10.

In terms of education, Newcastle doesn’t fall short. Do you fancy studying architecture, linguistics, anatomy & physiology, dentistry, or geography? Newcastle University might be your best bet. A global survey found that Newcastle University is among the best for many of its subjects, ranking these 5 in the top 100.

According to a Newcastle University study, 93% of their 2017/2018 UK full-time undergraduates progressed to employment or further education within 15 months of graduating. Impressive, right?

The average starting salary for a graduate in Newcastle is £25,000 and a study found that Newcastle is the second-best UK city for graduates to live and work in.

Newcastle City Council share the perks and selling points of living in Newcastle for students or young professionals:

  • The city is home to over 200 companies working in the life sciences and healthcare sector
  • Newcastle ranks 2nd with the rate of UK job creation in technology and digital sectors – 30,000 people are now employed in this sector
  • Newcastle graduates have some of the most promising career opportunities in the UK.
  • Newcastle serves as a thriving hub for numerous digital start-ups that align with the council’s shared vision and ambition for the city.

Life in Newcastle as a young professional will differ from an undergraduate’s experience of the city. You might want to explore the best neighbourhoods for young professionals, rather than sticking to the usual popular, student areas. It’s about selecting the right accommodation for you. Do you want to have shared accommodation? Does your budget restrict you in any way? Does location matter to you? These are all questions you need to consider before making a decision. Check out our blog, which is full of free resources and guides on how to acclimatise to Newcastle as a student or young professional.

Fun Facts About the City of Newcastle

Newcastle is home to many historical bridges including the Tyne Bridge, which resembles Sydney Harbour Bridge. The High Level Bridge is another noteworthy structure.

You’ll want to check out Grey Street in Newcastle since it was voted the “best street in the UK” by BBC Radio 4 listeners due to its stunning architecture and Georgian buildings.

We already know Newcastle is renowned for its vibrant nightlife. You’ll want to find all the best student hotspots in Newcastle. Try Collingwood Street, also known as the “Diamond Strip”. This area is lined with bars and clubs, making it an absolute must-go for partygoers.

Newcastle’s claim to fame is its history with the bakery Greggs. Yes, one of the UK’s most popular bakery chains started in the heart of Newcastle and was founded in 1939 by John Gregg.

Do you love a bit of shopping? Satisfy your addiction by visiting one of the UK’s largest city centre complexes, Eldon Square, which offers a wide range of shops and dining options for those retail therapy enthusiasts.

According to the Newcastle City Council, Newcastle has a reputation for being a safe and friendly city. The Geordie spirit has helped in ranking Newcastle in the top 5 happiest cities.

Love a good green space to chill? Leazes Park and Exhibition Park, both situated near the city centre, offer green spaces for relaxation, picnics, and outdoor activities. This provides a peaceful escape from the urban hustle and bustle.

Need a ride somewhere? Newcastle's city centre is well-connected in terms of transport, making it easy for students to explore the surrounding region and enjoy day trips to nearby attractions. Newcastle Central Station is not only a transportation hub but also an architectural marvel.

We hope you have gained some great insights from the facts, figures and statistics within this article. Newcastle's student population, hosting over 42,000 students annually, has driven demand for housing, leading to remarkable rental price increases. It's advisable for students to explore cost-effective options such as shared accommodations to manage expenses. Negotiating with landlords or property managers on rent is also a viable strategy.

Understanding the terms of your tenancy agreement, whether it's a standard fixed-term lease or another arrangement, is essential for both students and renters. This knowledge empowers tenants to make informed decisions about their housing choices.

While the cost of living may have risen, Newcastle still offers a more affordable option compared to cities like London. Newcastle's friendly atmosphere, vibrant social scene, and thriving job market make it an attractive destination for students and young professionals alike.

Whether you're a student embarking on your educational journey or a young professional seeking career opportunities, Newcastle has much to offer. From top-ranking universities to a thriving tech sector and booming nightlife, this city provides a well-rounded experience for all.

As you consider your housing options in Newcastle, keep in mind that rental prices vary depending on location and property type. Conduct thorough research and budget wisely to find the accommodation that aligns with your needs and financial resources. Newcastle's unique blend of history, culture, and modern amenities makes it an exciting place to call home, and with careful planning, you can make the most of your time in this dynamic city.

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