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01 March 2024

How to make your apartment in Newcastle feel like home

Want to make your apartment feel a little more like home this spring? Well, then look no further, we’ve got every suggestion you can think of to help you feel a little more settled in your new place – with these tips and tricks on how to make things feel a little more like home, it’ll feel like you never flew the nest.

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Make sure to fill your room with memories

An empty room doesn’t quite hit sometimes, so one of the first things you can do is add some personal touches to your room. Whether this be pictures of your family, or experiences that you have been to (for example, concert tickets, pictures of your favourite places, you get the picture) it’ll give your room some life and add your personality to it – making it super unique. By adding the things that are nearest and dearest to you, it’ll make your heart warm when you need that little pick-me-up and remind you that they’re only a phone call away.

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Add some mood lighting

Adding some fairy lights to your room is an amazing way to help things feel cosy when you want a comforting vibe and lighting can easily make your room feel warm and provide a soft glow that gives off a super relaxing energy. You can also get your fairy lights in different shapes, patterns, and colours, so whatever you fancy to light up your space, there’ll be something to fit your fancy.

Another thing to invest in is a mood lamp, which gives off natural light reflecting and mimicking the sun outside. A lot of people use these as alarm clocks too, where you can set the light to gradually increase and wake you up in a natural way, rather than an alarm screaming down your ear – a good investment if you ask us.

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Invest in your sleep

One thing we all know keeps us going is a good rest. Investing in your sleeping environment is something that will help your room feel super comfy and you can do this in one go, by simply getting some good bedding. Having bedding that you like the look of and fits with the décor in your room is one easy way to make things feel at home – so that you love hopping into bed every night and getting that well-deserved rest. This bedding can of course be accompanied by as many pillows, throws, and extras as you can imagine, to make things feel like you’ve never left home and also give you that sense of comfort when you’re ready to settle down for the evening.

Where to buy your home interiors

Looking for some inspo? Well, why not head down to the famous Flea Circus where you can find some of the best bits in the toon to dress up your new apartment? Or even nip to the local charity shops and see what hidden gems you can find to suit your style in your lavish new home.

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Flea Circus

Just outside the city centre, you’ll find Flea Circus – a magical warehouse filled with so many independent vendors selling the most gorgeous home interiors you’ll never want to leave. Set up in 2018, Flea Circus is a shop designed to support local sellers and creatives, and currently, they have around 35 independent businesses set up inside the store. From furniture to wall prints to place mats – you can find everything you want in Flea Circus to suit your aesthetic.

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Charity shops

With charity shops scattered across the city centre, there are so many good buys that you can find hidden away in their nooks and crannies. From aesthetically pleasing décor for your home, to records and books to stack up on that coffee table, Charity shops are a dark horse in terms of what you can find to decorate your apartment on a budget. We never know what bargains we’ll find and we can’t recommend them enough.

Ways to keep your apartment fresh

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Keeping things shinny

Keeping things clean and tidy allows you to feel in a safe and clean space after long days at the library, which can help you to destress much more easily. From wiping the tops down every day after cooking, to hoovering once a week, whatever way you can fit it in, do it. It’ll also keep Mum off your back and your apartment will look spotless for when you have guests over for games night or family for a cuppa.

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Have it smell lovely

Adding a reed diffuser or a plug-in to your apartment that reminds you of home will keep your apartment smelling lovely and make you feel right at home. Having smells that remind you of comfort will help with your mental health too, and even help you relax in a new place. These also give guests a welcoming smell that can resonate with your apartment, so we think it’s a win for everyone.

So with these simple ways to make your apartment feel like home, why not invest some TLC into your flat and make it the home you have always dreamed of?

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