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09 February 2024

The Best Study Tips for Exam Season

Revising for exams can be hard so we wanted to help make life just a little easier with some helpful ways to keep your head down and cogs turning with the lead-up to spring exams. From the best snacks to keep your mind active to places to go to not get distracted, we’ve got everything you need to help keep you concentrated and smash through your revision before the big day.

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Snacks to keep the cogs turning

The best way to keep yourself going while you revise is on a full stomach, of course. It can be super easy to grab something from a vending machine or a local shop, but these are also not good food for thought – i.e. brain food. A good balanced snack, and diet in general, can affect how you function when you need to revise, so why not play it smart this exam season and keep your mind and body active to achieve your best results?

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Fruit and veg

The best way to keep your brain active is to eat the right things, and what’s more nutritious than some super tasty veggies to keep you going whilst you revise? Chop up some peppers, cucumber, and carrots, and take them with you to the library. Not only are these snacks good for you, but they’re also easy to carry around – whether that be in a cute, little Tupperware or a sandwich bag – they can be easily taken out and enjoyed in any location across the city. So, when that tension is building up, grab out a carrot stick and get munching.

One of the best fruits to eat is a banana, as they’re full of vitamin B which is great for producing those happy hormones and boosting your serotonin. They also keep our blood pressure down and regulate our sugar levels, keeping us calm and level-headed – which we all know is key when you’re revising. So, keep calm, and grab that banana whilst you deep dive into your studies.

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Sweet treats can help

If you’ve got a sweet tooth and want to feel like you’re having a little treat whilst you’re studying super hard, we have you covered. Dark chocolate has been proven to be a fab snack to nibble on while you revise, so it’d be rude to not include it. Not only does dark chocolate hit the sweet spot, but it has also been proven to produce endorphins and increase blood flow to the brain – where all the hard work happens. Here is a little tip… make sure the chocolate is above 70% cocoa content and have small quantities as this works better for the brain – stick to nibbles.

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How to look after yourself during revision

Right, so we’re not going to sit down and tell you how you should or shouldn’t revise, but we can certainly give you some help if you’re struggling with looking after yourself during the lead-up to exams. One thing that’ll help you out is to plan ahead; whether it be a daily plan or something that covers certain topics that you need to touch on, a plan will always help. Make sure you block out key break times, exercise, and even set your timings to make sure you don’t overdo yourself. Another key thing to do while you revise is to make sure to sleep; getting a good amount of rest means you can wake up earlier and be able to fit more time in during the day to revise.

Also, remember to stay calm and positive during the whole revision process. Bear in mind that exams are not the be-all and end-all and you can always resit them. If you have a bad day, try to not let it affect how you continue your pre-exam revision period. You’ve got this.

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Best places in Newcastle to study

Fancy a break from the library, or even your desk at home, and want to try a new study space? Well, in Newcastle there’s so many fun and creative places to settle yourself and your books for the best study session you could need.

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Tiny Tiny

Within a ten-minute walk of City Co-Living Newcastle, you can find the amazing Tiny Tiny. This cute café is the perfect place when you want some quiet time and a good coffee to keep you fuelled. Make sure to get there early to get the best spots under the hanging baskets and fairy lights to make you feel comfortable and content, ready for study time. You’ll have to buy a few coffees, and even some fresh fruit to keep you going, but the menu is certainly not pricey. The perfect place to go when you want to get your head down.

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The Glasshouse International Centre for Music

The Glasshouse International Centre for Music, otherwise known as The Sage, is the perfect place to get your head down and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre. While this is a slightly more unique place to study, The Sage has an amazing setting to get cracking - with a live piano player playing mostly throughout the day. Just to note too, this is a free public space so you can sit here for however long you please. Their opening hours range range throughout the week, so check out their website for further details on when you can enjoy the classical music and lose yourself in a book. Let’s take a trip across the Tyne and visit this amazing building to get your heads down this study season.

With our help on how to keep yourself fuelled during exam season, how to look after yourself, and the best places to get out to study, what more can we do to help in the lead-up to exams this spring? Also, make sure to keep hydrated and one thing we’d recommend to do is invest in a reusable water bottle so wherever you are, you’ll be sure to have some good ol’ H20 to stay focussed.

Let us know your favourite study tips, places to go, and how you keep yourself going on our socials. And, of course, good luck.

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