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05 April 2024

9 ways to take your eyes off your screen this Screen Awareness Week

We all love a little Tiktok trend, Insta reel, and even a cheeky scroll on Facebook now and then, but we all need to take a break now and then. With our 9 ways to get away from your screen, this is your perfect opportunity to step away from your screen.


Get those creative juices flowing

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Learn to bake

One way to help stimulate the mind, and your tastebuds, is by learning to bake. With plenty of tasty recipes online, you can pick up some sweet or savoury ingredients to make whatever you fancy. Start with something simple like some oat cookies, then progress to something like a fancy chicken pie. Not only does this help you get away from your screen, but you can explore your culinary creativity, and you never know, you might find yourself a natural baker.

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It’s DIY Time

Ever fancied taking up a little DIY project? Well, this is the perfect opportunity. How about getting some canvas’ and making some wall art to stand on your bedside tables, or paint your own mug to have your morning coffee in? There are so many different things you can get crafty with, so pop that phone down and google some ideas on how you can get creative with crafts at home. Or we can save you the hassle and how about trying out Clay Studio where you can make your own pottery and fall in love with being creative with your ceramics – you never know, you might find a skill set you didn’t know you had.

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Get your sketch on

One of the most relaxing things to do on an evening to get away from your phone is to bring back some nostalgia and invest in a colouring book and pens (or pencils, if you prefer). You can get all different types of colouring books online or from your local arts and craft shop these days, with different themes and patterns to suit your taste – from football to Aztec patterns, there’s something out there for everyone’s’ tastes.

Make it count

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Make yourself a bucket-list

How about getting your journal out and making a list of all those things you’ve always wanted to do? This is a great way to sit down and think about your future, and life goals, and plan achievable things for yourself. By doing this, not only are you getting away from from influencers that might be living their best lives a little unrealistically on your screens, but you can manage your own goals and expectations in life – allowing you to be realistic about your goals and how you will achieve them. You can start off with little things, such as going to the gym twice a week, and leap onto your big lifetime goals such as going skydiving or even travelling to Australia – we all have them, so let’s make a note and start to make it happen.

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Tidy home, tidy mind

Why not get out the rubber gloves and give your apartment the TLC that it deserves? Spring is here and it’s time to do that big spring clean to really make your home sparkle. Giving your apartment a good clean can not only make it look pretty, but it gives you a new look and feel, and depending on how much you want to change, can give you a whole new home in time for the summer months! Explore a new spring scent with a reed diffuser, tackle those spots that you’ve been putting off cleaning through the winter, and maybe even treat yourself to some new décor to add those final touches.

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Floordrobe to Wardrobe

It’s time for our seasonal turnaround. Time to get out all of the shorts and dresses and away with the big winter coats and jumpers, so why not use your time effectively and sort through all of your things to organise the perfect spring outfits. You can either put your winter bits away for later in the year or even do a quick charity shop run – you never know, when dropping them off you might find yourself a little bargain.

Let’s get active

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Go to an exercise class

How about investing your time away from your phone into your health? Grabbing a friend, or going alone, to an exercise class is an amazing way to keep yourself distracted from your phone screen and keep your mind and body active. Fancy trying spinning? Well, why not check out Ryde Studios. What about yoga? Well, it’s time to give Manchester Yoga Central a go with your friends. There are so many different classes to keep yourself occupied and burn those extra calories when you want to distract yourself and get away from your phone.

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Go charity shopping

How about getting those bargains ahead of the good weather? If you fancy some new décor, house bits, or just a little walk out on a weekend, why not head down to the charity shops in the heart of Manchester? You can find yourself some good bargains and even donate some of your old things from your spring clean – that’s killing two birds with one stone there… The perfect place to head for this is Chorlton, you can grab a coffee and have a good look round with friends and pick yourself up those bargains that you’ve always wanted – you never know what hidden gem you could find.

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Get out and about with friends

As the weather gets warmer and our moods lift, how about making some good plans with friends and make it a phone-free day? Get outside and have a picnic with friends at your local park, go for a walk in Manchester and buy yourself a few bits with friends, or even go out for a coffee and enjoy the sunshine. There’s so much to do in the city with friends that you really don’t need your phone to keep you entertained this summer.

So, with some good screen-free suggestions, why not get cracking with putting that phone down and getting creative, get outside, and have some fun with friends or even take some time to do some life admin that you have always wanted to do. Now is the time to do it.

Let us know what you get up to on socials, but then lock that phone and enjoy your screen-free activities.