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24 November 2023

Our Ultimate Guide to Bringing in the New Year at Home

Want to keep the costs low this New Year? Well, why not put on your PJs and get cosy to bring in 2024 this New Year's Eve? With so many fun activities to do to bring the New Year in from home, read up on our favourite things to do on a budget this New Year – these won’t have you waiting in long queues or buying overpriced drinks, trust us.

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Throw a Dinner Party

A dinner party is a must for New Year's Eve, and is an easy way of gathering your friends together without splashing the cash on a bougie restaurant. If you still want to get dressed up without the price tag, why not host a party for you and your friends where you don’t have the hassle of leaving your doorstep? It’s not cold, not expensive and it’s in the comfort of your own home. Dress your table with your favourite plates, get out the fancy glassware wear, and pop open a bottle to sit down and enjoy a meal of your choice – you could even order in to make things just as easy.

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Spa night with your friends

Start your 2024 with glowing skin, a relaxed mindset, and a different sort of indulgence for New Year's Eve with your friends. We love a little bit of self-care, a good face mask, a gua sha, and a little mimosa – what is not to love? Ask your friends to bring over their favourite products, get your pj’s on and have the most relaxing self-care night to start off the New Year. An easy way to step into the New Year feeling your best (literally).

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Ready. Set. Bake.

To us, New Year is all about indulgence – it’s not a good time without a little comfort food, right? Let’s take the last opportunity to treat ourselves before all of our New Year resolutions start again. Whether you want to do this on your own from the comfort of your bed or ask a few friends to come round, why not set up a cheese board or cook your favourite cuisine to enjoy – the cheesier the better whatever the dish (in our opinion). Get yourselves into a food coma with an indulgent feast this New Year – you may even need that pre-midnight nap to keep you going until the new year.

So maybe this year it’s time for some relaxation and to enjoy the excitement of 2024 from the comfort of your own home. Whether you’re enjoying the perfect feast, hosting a dinner party, or having a self-care evening – everything here will lead you into 2024 feeling super wholesome.

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