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01 April 2022

The Best Dogspotting Locations in Manchester to Celebrate National Pets Month

This month is full to the brim of fun and exciting events and dates (we’re looking at you Bank Holiday!) but honestly, the cutest event you need to be aware of is that it’s National Pets Month. Whether you know someone with a furry friend and want to celebrate, or you’re just looking for ways to dog-spot over a drink, then we’ve got you covered. We’ve put together our top 3 places in Manchester that are pet-friendly and are definitely worth a visit this month, so why not give them a try?


Found nestled away in the Northern Quarter, Cottonopolis is a Japanese-inspired restaurant that have been incredibly welcoming of those looking to bring their dogs out for tea. The staff are well-known to have bowls of cold water on-hand in the warmer days, and sometimes having some treats tucked away too. Offering a relaxed, calm atmosphere with an amazing menu and the opportunity to see some cute puppies – what more can you ask for?

Alberts Schloss

A stunningly decorated all-day bar and restaurant, Alberts Schloss is well-known for being a good lunchtime trip or a favourite for end-of-the-night round-ups. What you may not know about this place, though, is that you can book designated dog tables for you and your furry friend – great news for those who aren’t sure where you can and can’t take a dog. Pairing the great vibe of Alberts Schloss with man’s best friend… we’re booking our table right now.

The Anthologist

If you’re on the hunt for a boujie vibe full of adorable dogs, then look no further than the Anthologist. With some of the most aesthetically pleasing meals and drinks we’ve ever seen on the menu, they also have special treats on offer for dogs – including ‘pawsecco’. Who doesn’t want to drink alongside a pet?!

For those looking to spot some dogs in a more natural environment and enjoy some fresh air and (hopefully!) some sun at the same time, a walk down the canal is almost guaranteed to have you running into several dogs. Starting in Ancoats and following the water, you’ll likely get a good fill of some beautiful views along the streams as well as several very cute dogs – and if you’re really lucky, you might get a picture or two.

Where are your favourite places to visit that are pet-friendly? Let us know on our socials, and if you did manage to get any photos of the pets you meet, we’d love to see them too!