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13 October 2023

3 Divine Hot Chocolates in Newcastle

The days are getting shorter and the weather getting colder, so you know what that means, don’t you? A cosy afternoon with a hot chocolate… mmm that’s our version of heaven.


Right in the heart of the ‘toon, you can’t begin to count the number of amazing coffee shops that sit in our city centre, but we’ve been extra nice and taken the time to get the best of the best for you – we know our hot chocolates, trust us. With the rain never stopping in Newcastle, you can’t beat a hot chocolate’s warmth to soothe the soul on an autumn day – believe us, we’re craving this feeling too. So here are the toon’s top hot chocolates that we can’t wait to share with you.

The Dispensary

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Image Source - @thedispensaryncl

Hidden in the heart of the ‘toon is the lush Dispensary – a high-end brunch place that will absolutely delight your sweet cravings; we love the place! From everything sweet to a big dirty fry-up, The Dispensary will honestly change the hot chocolate game in the ‘toon forever, and of course, your sweet tooth will be super satisfied.

With a range of hot chocolates to accompany your other sweet treats, the variety that The Dispensary offers is out of this world. Choose from a normal hot chocolate with cream to keep things simple, or try one of their specialities, which include: Candy Floss Hot Chocolate, a Cloud 9 (white chocolate) or a Raspberry Ripple hot chocolate if you’re feeling fruity. Plus the best part, all their hot chocolates are under a fiver – a bargain if you ask us. However, make sure to book a table as it can get super busy with people running to get their hot chocolates.

Cake Stories

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Image Souce - @cakestoriesbakes

Cake Stories is a must if you are craving that sweet treat with a friend. Cake Stories has 3 locations across Newcastle: Jesmond, Byker and Gateshead – all of which you can easily get to by foot or metro. The most popular to visit is the Jesmond store, where it is often full of the hustle and bustle of student life and friends often catching up. There is also a huge selection of fresh cakes, and their out-of-this-world hot chocolates are to die for – we’re literally drooling over them.

What’s better than a chit-chat and a hot chocolate you ask? Well to us, nothing, especially when the chocolaty delights are this good. With a range of speciality hot chocolates, often seasonal to suit your festive cravings, this is a must to visit when you want something to tick your sweet cravings over and have a treat day. The gooey goodness of their crème egg hot chocolates is to die for and with this being something they have on all year round, it would be rude not to indulge in this soul-soothing drink.

Tynemouth Surf Café

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Image Source - @tynemouthsurfcafe

It’s always cold in Newcastle, right? Well, it’s nothing a hat, scarf and gloves can’t help with. So if you fancy a winter dip or a trip to the seaside, we’ve got your winter warmer to get out of the cold sorted. With a short ride on the metro to Tynemouth, you’ll find the Tynemouth Surf Café, which is open all year round – believe it or not – and is the perfect place to warm yourself up after a wholesome seaside walk with some friends.

Mate, wait until we tell you about the choices here – you’ll be blown away, swear down…

You can choose from Crunchie, Kinder, Rolo, Biscoff, Mint Aero, Toasted Marshmallow, Chocolate Orange, and Custard Cream – but of course, your standard hot chocolate is also available. The best part about this too, is again they are super cheap – with all selections coming to under a fiver and they also have all their hot chocolate choices available for vegans too, so this is definitely somewhere that suits everyone. The Surf Café themselves even describe their hot chocolates as ‘epic’ and so do we.

With so many options in the ‘toon for your winter-warming hot chocolate this season, why not head down with your friends to try one of the delicious delights? Whether you want to enjoy some alone time or catch up with a friend, the ‘toon has an excellent sweet surprise for doing just that.

Let us know where you get your hot chocolates from this winter in the city and tag us on our socials with any delicious, sweet treats stops that we can visit next.

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