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30 May 2023

Design Tips for Maximising Space in Your Newcastle Studio Apartment

Making a studio apartment stylish and spacious might seem like a daunting challenge. But maximising these compact living spaces is easier than many think.

From opting for a savvy design scheme to minimising your life, there are endless possibilities to achieving a roomy feel in your Newcastle studio apartment accommodation. We’ve collected the top interior designer suggestions to inspire your decor journey. With these tips, you’ll be an interior design master in no time.


Making the Most of Your Newcastle Studio Apartment

Luxury Newcastle City living begins at home. Embrace your space with these expert studio apartment design tips.

Only Buy Essentials

If you’re furnishing an apartment from scratch, start with the essentials. Forget those beautiful ornaments and rugs. Focus on the things you need first, and add the decor later.

With this minimalist mindset, you’ll slowly polish your Newcastle luxury serviced apartment without filling it with clutter on day one. You’ll often find that you don’t need those accessories, and your home feels much more spacious without the items you’ve been eyeing up.

Bonus points if you let go of any old decor. Just because it looked good in your last home doesn’t mean it’s right for your studio! Edit down and focus on the things you really need.

Try Cohesive Design

Design and colour are central aspects of any home, often affecting how large the space feels.

For example, darker colour palettes can leave apartments feeling small and cramped. Instead, opt for light and airy shades to maximise the natural light. This nearly always makes a studio feel large and spacious.

You don’t have to kiss colour goodbye, though! Once you’ve found your Newcastle Upon Tyne City Centre apartment, it’s time to add a splash of fun. Mixing large white spaces and colour accents is a great way to strike a balance, keeping the space roomy.

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Keep Each Space Separate

Studio apartments often feature open-plan layouts. However, you don’t have to strictly stick to these layouts.

Screens and furniture can act as “walls,” breaking up your space into different rooms and areas. Of course, placing big objects in the middle of a studio can make the space feel smaller. So, if you want to use separators, think about lighter colours and even glass screens to ensure the apartment still feels large and coherent.

Choose Multi-Purpose Furniture

Adding flow and flexibility to a studio can also make the place feel larger.

Instead of cramming many single-purpose items into a small space, consider furniture based on multi-purpose functionality. Yup, that means no furniture just because it looks nice.

Make sure you’re choosing the best bedroom furniture by ensuring every piece has two uses. Tables and beds with extra storage space below are popular for studios, as they allow you to hide clutter while decorating your home.

Add Height to the Room

Want to make the room feel as tall as possible? Don’t worry if your ceilings don’t stretch to the heavens. Making your room feel taller is easy with these few tips:

  • Opt for extra-long curtains to create long vertical wall lines
  • Add vertical stripes in your decor (e.g. wall hangings) as these draw the eye upward
  • Select low furniture
  • Choose vertical lighting fixtures
  • Pick neutral or light colour furniture to create an airy atmosphere

Get creative with your new space!

M apartments stuidoo layout

Say Goodbye to Clutter

The best way to create more space is to keep a tidy home.

If you’re the proud owner of thousands of possessions, it might be time to de-clutter or organise your things. Having items all over table tops, shelves, and the floor quickly makes a space feel smaller than it is. Either invest in some handy storage (like multi-use furniture from above) or start donating old nick-nacks.

If you’re not ready to say goodbye, match storage baskets and boxes to your interior design colour theme to help them blend in. Floating shelves are another great way to keep space minimal while storing excess stuff.

Perfecting Your Newcastle Studio Apartment

Moving into a new apartment is an exciting journey. Whether you decorate your studio from scratch or choose to be savvy with your current belongings, we hope these tips have helped you maximise your space without excess stress.

Ready to start your Newcastle studio apartment search? We’re here to help. Read our FAQ to get started.

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