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29 September 2023

3 Haunted Places in Newcastle to Visit This Halloween

We all know that Newcastle has good nightlife, right? But what if we told you that the night also comes to life in the ‘toon?

With a surprisingly spooky history surrounding Newcastle, and Hadrian’s Wall being only a stone's throw away the city also has a spooky side too. With historical links from across the world, Newcastle has seen reports of some super creepy experiences with the afterlife that are still present in the city to this day.

If you fancy a fright this Halloween, then we’ve got you covered. We have gathered up some of Newcastle’s top places to visit for an eerie experience this all Hallows Eve.


Castle Keep

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Image Source: @newcastlecastle

Newcastle Castle is one of the most haunted places in Newcastle (which is pretty obvious if you ask us!) The castle stands right in the city centre and over the years it has become known for various amounts of paranormal activity, including phantom hands, disembodied voices, and even some unexplained poltergeist activity…

There have been a wide range of reports over the years that are linked to paranormal activity in the castle and visitors have often described numerous strange occurrences within the walls. From footsteps to a strange mist forming in corridors, these are only a few of the mysteries that have been spotted recently.

One area to really creep you out would be The Queens Chamber, where people are said to hear chanting coming from the room and have even seen a strange female walking around this area, with the feeling of being scratched and pushed by an unknown presence.

So, if you want to treat yourself to some dark shadows following you this Halloween, then the Castle Keep is definitely one for your Newcastle bucket list.

The Theatre Royal

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Image Source: @williamdfn

Right in the middle of Grey Street is the historical Theatre Royal, which is known for being one of Newcastle’s most distinctive-looking buildings in the city centre, but also one of the most haunted.

When the theatre burnt down in 1899, the building was left destroyed. Coincidentally, the fire began after a performance of Macbeth – known in the theatre world as a cursed play – which we think is suspicious! But what do we know…

Since the infamous fire destroyed the building, there have been numerous sightings of a Grey Lady who is said to haunt the theatre.

It has been claimed that the young lady fell in love with an actor, who promised to elope and marry her. The actor then supposedly changed his mind, and rumour has it she still patrols the theatre's wings waiting for him. Fancy coming face-to-face with the Grey Lady? We’ll pass thanks.

So, watch out if you’re going to relax and watch a show… You never know where the Grey Lady could be lurking in the galleries.

Tyne Theatre and Opera House

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Image Source: @sjssjg

Well, it seems that ghosts and the arts go hand-in-hand, right? We’re definitely not calling them dramatic or anything…

Newcastle’s famous Theatre Royal and Opera House reportedly has a permanent ghostly resident, and everyone lovingly knows him as ‘Bob’. Bob supposedly worked backstage in the 19th century and during a performance one evening was unfortunately hit by a cannonball prop.

To this day, Bob is said to still haunt the wings and staff have claimed to feel his presence – reportingly feeling him touching them and often describing him as an ghostly figure that walks around backstage. Bob can also be often found in his favourite seat in the theatre, where he watches multiple performances, and this is where members of the public have said they feel uncomfortable watching a show due to an unearthly presence.

If the Tyne Theatre is somewhere on your list, then maybe just keep your eye out for Bob – they say he’s always watching.

So, with such a mysterious and other-worldly history, why not take yourself for a fright in Newcastle this October and get yourself well into the spooky spirit?

Let us know where you’ve been for an eerie time this Halloween and if you have felt anything abnormal, let us know all about it over on our socials.

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