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24 May 2024

4 Places To Raise A Glass In Newcastle On National Beer Day

If there’s one thing you need to know about us Geordies, it’s that nothing will stop us getting a quick drink in. Whether we’re celebrating, commiserating, or just having a catch up with our pals, we never shy away from a glass or two. That’s why, ahead of National Beer Day on 15th June, we want to share some of our favourite spots with you.

Wylambrewery newcastle
Instagram: @wylam_brewery

Wylam Brewery

Wylam Brewery has been going since 2000, so you know that they’ve had time to perfect every drink that they pour. Not only do they offer some of the best brews in the toon, they also host live shows and events, and even open their venue out to private bookings, too.

You’ll find the Wylam Brewery in the Palace of Art in Exhibition Park – we know, what a name – and they also have a Tap Room and Terrace area that’s open across the weekend for you to pop down and sample a few of their special home brews. Yum.

Tynebank Newcastle
Instagram: @tynebankbrewery

Tyne Bank

Tyne Bank is based in an industrial warehouse space, just outside Ouseburn, and offer a range of different beers to sample on-site. It’s a delightfully relaxed and versatile space, with some unique events that you can sign up for.

Our personal favourite event has got to be the Bob Ross Paint-A-Long, where you’ll be supplied with all of the supplies you need to create your own masterpiece, alongside a few beers to really let that creative spirit flow. Trust us, all of the trees look like ‘Happy Little Trees’ when you’ve had enough beer.

Twobytwo newcastle
Instagram: @twobytwotap

Two By Two Brewing

Two By Two are a little different, as they’re a seasonal craft brewery, which means that you’ll find various flavourings according to the time of year you’re in. Now, we hear you – what happens when you fall in love with something in Spring, then have to wait a year for it to come back? A true heartbreak, we know.

Well, there’s TWO good answers for you. Not only do they stock cans all year round, so you can still find your favourite tipple, but you also get the opportunity to consistently try new flavours; so you might just find a new favourite along the way.

Tap newcastle

Tap Newcastle

Tap Newcastle heard the call for a brewery on Neville Street, and boy, did they answer. They will have 24 draught beers and ciders pouring at any time, giving you a huge range of flavours to try. They also have a huge range of bottled and canned beers, so you really are spoilt for choice when you give this place a visit.

They showcase various cask ales from around the country, giving you even more choice to find something that really tickles your tastebuds. They also serve handmade pizzas with ingredients only locally sourced, offering you the perfect Geordie slice.

Not a fan of beer? We won't hold it against you

We know that beer isn’t for everyone, but we’re not about to exclude you from the fun because of that. If you’re more of a cocktail drinker, or just prefer something a little sweeter than the traditional beer, we’ve got your back.

Tap newcastle
Instagram: zucchinipastabar_uk


Zuchuni not only offer some of THE best pasta that you’ll find across the toon(we’re still DROOLING over their fettuccine carbonara), but they’ve got a stunning cocktail menu that will please anyone.

If you’re a fan of a frozen drink, their strawberry aperol spritz slushy is out of this world, and perfect for the summer ahead. Maybe you prefer a more classic cocktail, in which case, their pornstar martini will be right up your street. There’s plenty to choose from, and they’re all delish.

Where will you be spending National Beer Day? We’d love to know – tag us on socials to keep us in the loop.

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