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18 August 2023

9 ways to make yourself happy for World Smile Day

We’ve all been there – whether you’re experiencing the end-of-Summer blues, or, like us, the blues that summer never actually turned up and we went straight from Spring into Autumn, everyone is prone to not feeling their best self here and there.

It’s important to have things that you can rely on when you need a pick-me-up, so at Newcastle Apartments, we’ve put together a list of our favourite ways to put a smile on our faces for every budget.


1) All about the freebies, baby

Sometimes, the best things in life come for free. You shouldn’t have to spend a fortune every time you’re feeling a little blue, and it’s important to have a free solution for a bad day. Here are some of our tried-and-tested options.


Some will turn their nose up at this one, but sitting down and reflecting on your day can often show you just how little the bad things matter. Whether you take yourself off to a peaceful place to admire the view and decompress, or have a long, steamy shower and reflect on the positives, you’ll come away feeling better, we’re sure of it.

Benjamin child r On57 C Bgy Mo unsplash
Image Source: Photo by Benjamin Child on Unsplash

Hit the gym

Nothing fuels a good workout like a bad mood. Whether you’re, sad, mad, or just not feeling rad, get yourself into our gym and get those adrenaline levels up. Exercising will naturally release endorphins that raise your mood, so while you might not be in the mood when you first get there, you’ll thank yourself at the end of your session.

Victor freitas Wv D Yd X Dzkhs unsplash
Image Source: Victor Freitas on Unsplash

Catch some zzz's

We aren’t talking crawl into your duvet and sleep for 15 hours straight, to be clear. If you’re feeling groggy, run-down, or just a little under the weather, getting a good night’s sleep will make a world of difference. Change your bedding so you’re in clean sheets, have a nice shower and an early night with a cuppa hot chocolate, and you’ll wake up feeling mint.

Tania mousinho mjj M5 DFE Ga Y unsplash
Image Source: Tania Mousinho on Unsplash

2) Low budget

Not everything in life is free, and you might decide that to properly shake that mood you need to do more than the above. We get it, and we’ve been there plenty of times too. Try some of these on for size and see what works for you.

Grab your favourite coffee

Visiting your favourite coffee shop is good for your soul. There’s probably no medical proof of that, but we know it, and you do too. Head out and grab your favourite coffee, or if you’re not looking for caffeine, a hot chocolate or a smoothie will do fine too. Don’t forget a big slab of your favourite cake in case the drink doesn’t quite hit the spot. Not got a favourite café yet? Check out our list of best places to grab a coffee for some inspo.

Nathan dumlao 6 Vh PY27jdps unsplash 1
Image Source: Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Buy yourself a present

Now look, this one is our personal favourites, and it doesn’t mean you have to go all out. A new pair of socks, or a bar of chocolate, or a copy of your favourite book, you’ll have loads of options for less than a tenner. We always find that we buy ourselves the best presents – we always seem to know exactly what we’d want most, and we bet you’ll find the same.

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Image Source: Photo by Freestocks on Unsplash

Adapt your eating habits

You’ll have heard the phrase a healthy body promotes a healthy mind, and while we aren’t about to tell you that eating a carrot each day will keep the sadness away, adapting your diet can make a difference in how you feel overall. You don’t have to spend a lot, but buying more fruit or veg to add to your meals can help your gut feel happier, and in turn, your mind.

Brooke lark n TZOILV Zu Og unsplash
Image Source: Photo by Brook Lark on Unsplash

3) Hey big spender

Look, sometimes you just need to break out the big guns and TREAT. YOUR. SELF. After all, you deserve something nice, we just know it.

A night out with friends

You don’t have to go wild, but hey, if you do, we’re here for you and we love you for it. Just getting out for a dance can really bring the world back to rights (Popworld is the perfect place for this), or having a nice meal out with some friends and enjoying a giggle over some banging dishes is just as good. Whatever the vibe, doing it with your pals is always a mood-lifter.

Kelsey chance Zrht Qy GFG6s unsplash
Image Source: Photo by Kelsey Chance on Unsplash

Spa day

A big old pamper is hard to beat, and you can adapt it to your budget. A mani/pedi and a facial, or a full mudbath with a hot stone massage afterwards, you can do it all at the Crowne Plaza Mineral House. Just try to not feel top dollar after a tan and a steam in the sauna. See? We told you. Impossible.

Dana nestorova ir2gax K2 E Jw unsplash
Photo Source: Dana Nestorova on Unsplash

Weekend getaway

Every now and again, you need to have a proper reset. A change of scenery, some time away from the typical everyday things, and some time to really recharge and get back to your best self. Slaley Hall is THE place for this, offering you some of the most beautiful views you’ll find across the entire North East, as well as a next-level quality of luxury and comfort. We’re already dreaming of our next visit!

Screenshot 2023 08 18 at 09 11 45
Photo Source: @slatelyhallhotel

We hope this list helps to bring a smile to your face, and that you’re having a great week!

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