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16 June 2023

6 reasons why Newcastle is the best student city

We know that we can be a bit biased when it comes to how incredible we think Newcastle is, but you can’t ignore the facts. Newcastle IS the best student city, and we’re here to tell you why, so get your coffee, settle in, and put your feet up.

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Top-Rated Universities

The best student cities have to have some top-notch Universities, otherwise, this article would be about Newcastle having the best nightlife. Study first, party later – we see you over there!

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Newcastle University

Newcastle University is a world-class, world-leading university that has some of the best educational opportunities you can find. It’s also a founding member of the Russell Group – so you know that it’s long-established and ranks impressively in the league tables. No matter what you’re looking to study, Newcastle is the place to be.

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Northumbria University

Rated the top Northeast University for sustainability, and the best University in the UK, it’s no wonder that Northumbria University is so popular. It’s famed for its Faculty of Business and Law, so ideal for anyone out there looking to make their break into the business world and take on everything it throws at you.

The next-level nightlife

Yes, we knew some of you would skip over the first section and come straight here, and we can’t blame you. Newcastle heard you asking for a good night out, and man, did it deliver.

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Boulevard Show Bar

Promising you a night like no other with a full cast of Broadway Dancers ready to blow your mind, a night at Boulevard Show Bar is one you will not forget. Whether it be the striking choreography of the dance groups, the glamorous costumes, or the tasty cocktails on offer, this hotspot is waiting for you.

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The Stand Comedy Club

Not interested in a big song and dance, but might fancy a pint and a giggle? Then the Stand Comedy Club will be right up your street. We mean that quite literally, too, as it’s just up the road from our City Co-Living Newcastle building! Open 7 days a week and welcoming celebs as well as local up-and-coming performers, there are some real hidden gems waiting to be discovered here.

A community like no other

If there’s one thing you should know about Geordies, it’s how friendly and welcoming we are. Whether you’re looking for directions to the nearest café or a quick chat at the bus stop, you can count on us.

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The friendliest city in the UK

Yep, you heard us. Big 7 Travel revealed in their recent poll that Newcastle is THE friendliest city in the UK, and we weren’t surprised for a second. Our lively locals, next-level social scene, and all-around atmosphere mean that anyone can come to Newcastle and fit right in.

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A ready-made community to move into

The entire ethos of City Co-Living Newcastle is to give you so much more than JUST an apartment. You can get an apartment anywhere, after all – so we wanted to provide you with something different and something much better. You’ll have your own private luxurious apartment, with access to the best facilities across Newcastle, and be a part of a community that thrives together.

We can’t wait to see you – and if you haven’t booked in already, what are you waiting for? Get in touch today to secure your spot.

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