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29 September 2023

3 of the Most Haunted Places in Manchester

Up for a fright this Halloween? Well, we bet you didn’t know but Manchester is one of the UK’s most haunted cities, right? Yeah, we didn’t know either!

Though you may find this hard to believe, Manchester has a long history of paranormal activity – with thousands of incidents of abnormal behaviour being recorded in our beloved city over the years.

We have put together a list of the three most haunted places in Manchester where activity is still being recorded to this day, so take our advice and watch out if you plan on visiting these anytime soon… They are sure to make you feel a certain type of way – we’re talking seriously spooky.


Manchester Cathedral

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Image Source: @manchestermetropolis

Manchester Cathedral is not hard to miss and is a piece of gothic architecture to be appreciated by anyone and everyone who likes spooky things. After the Cathedral was nearly destroyed in World War Two, people began reporting suspicious activity happening in and around the site, so we’ll leave you to jump to your own conclusions about that…

The most famous of all the stories that come from the strange beings that have been reported in the Cathedral is about a man and his sister.

As the story goes, the man was in church one evening and mid-prayer he turned to see his sister standing at the top of the cathedral – while she was, at the time, living miles and miles away.

The man then assumed that his sister was there to surprise him, calling out her name to come over to him, but the following morning, he was told that his sister had died the previous evening.

Both the man and his sister now haunt the pews in the cathedral with people reporting sightings and feeling a strange presence in the church… spooky!

Royal Exchange Theatre

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The whereabouts of the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester have changed over the years since 1729 and the current iteration has been standing since 1970 when it was reconstructed after World War Two and troubles with the IRA.

Built over 200 years ago, the centuries have given the building time to pick up a lot of paranormal presences along the way – but there is one key couple that still haunts the building and has created some very recent activity within the walls.

The Greenroom, where actors from the shows normally spend their time before their performances, is said to be haunted by a handsome man and a blonde lady – who dress like they are going to the theatre… we know, you’re creeped out too, right?

People have said that they have seen the couple behind the scenes and are surrounded by mist, however, when researched, people say they are unsure as to who the couple are. It is believed that they both helped with numerous productions at the theatre over the years and have clearly stuck around to see more.

Kimpton Clocktower Hotel

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Image Source: @the.manc

One of Manchester's finest hotels, the Kimpton Clocktower Hotel, hosts a variety of different of things for visitors to do. From company events to a restaurant and a spa – who doesn’t want to visit here, even if you’re not staying over?

But the hotel also has some unwelcomed visitors too… The hotel is said to be haunted by a war widow who specifically haunts one particular staircase, which in the past, was an area of the hotel only accessible to men at the time.

There have also been cries of children heard up and down the corridors of a certain hallway within the hotel – often heard in empty rooms also. Room 261 is allegedly the most haunted in the hotel with the cries being heard the loudest.

In recent reviews of the hotel too, guests have publicly said they have felt uneasy and uncomfortable in certain areas of the hotel – with some even recording that they have had things moved in their rooms.

Maybe the Kimpton Clocktower Hotel is one to try on a Friday the 13th to get the real experience of horror on your doorstep?

So, with Manchester having more horrific history than you may already know, we think it’s time to explore the darkness in the city and see what horrors Manchester has to scare you with.

Let us know where you’ve been this October for an eerie time and tag us anything creepy on our social media!