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09 February 2024

The Best Revision Tactics for Exam Season

With the run-up to exams now upon us, we wanted to make your life a little easier with helpful ways to guide you through those long nights at the library. It’s time to help you fight through the caffeine highs so read on to see some healthy ways to keep your mind and body fit for studying and get that head down to achieve your best results this exam season.

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The best study spots in Manchester

Fancy a break from the desk at home? Well, why not head out to some of these top study spots in the city centre which’ll let you leave the distractions at home and knuckle down on the days when you feel the need to get away and escape from your normal environment? By the way, studies show that studying in a place you associate with something else (e.g. your bedroom, for sleep and relaxation) takes away the purpose of that space, therefore, these little escapes may do you a world of good.

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John Rylands Library

Now this is not just any library, John Rylands Library offers exceptional architecture and can set up anyone for a good study session. Some even say that this is more of a museum than a library due to the amazing Gothic architecture that scatters throughout the building. It’s been said that if you want the ‘Harry Potter’ feel when studying, then this is for sure the place to go. So, why not head down to this free study space with your books, coffee, and headphones to settle down and get cracking with those notes?

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With multiple locations based across Manchester city centre why not head down to Foundation Coffee House where you can grab some good food and settle into one of our favourite aesthetic coffee houses in the city? Choose from the Northern Quarter, Portland Street, Meadow Side, and Whitworth Street to settle yourself down and deep dive into your studies. To accompany that hard-earned revision session, grab a delicious selection of hot and cold drinks and even a tasty side snack to keep you going. From Sticky Toffee French Toast to a Classic Breakfast Sandwich, you can grab everything you need to fuel you as you study. You’ll find a lot of students and writers across the city settling in here too, so it’s a hot spot for getting your head down, trust us. We love it.

Looking after your body

We know that not only does your mind feel overwhelmed during exam season but also your body, without you even knowing it half of the time. With these easy ways to look after your body during exam season, make sure to get moving and look after everything from head to toe.

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Get that body moving

As we all know, when we exercise it raises our heart rate, right? Well, this improves the flow of oxygen throughout our body which goes up to our brain and improves our focus and ability to process information faster. Voila! Just by going for a walk for 15-20 minutes, before or as a break during your revision session can help you focus a lot better and therefore improve your revision. So, when you have your head in your books and are losing concentration, as we all do, get those shoes on, and get outside for 20 minutes. Get that oxygen flowing and boost that mood.

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Hydrate your body

It’s time to invest in your water intake. Drinking water while you revise is such a good way to keep your mind active when you revise – as studies do show that your water intake can affect your memory, concentration, and mood which we, of course, want to boost. Dehydrated-you will need more fuel to do your day-to-day tasks so why not top up on that good old H20 to keep your mind active during exam season? You could even add some berries or lemon to it to make it super tasty whilst you get cracking with your revision.

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Our best revision tactics

We can all procrastinate the important things, right? Well, not with revision this time. Want some tactics to help you sit down and start revising? Read on to see the best tips to help get your cogs turning and the information stored up in that brain of yours.

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Start early and plan

Make sure that you start early. This is one of the most important things to learn. The best way to start your revision is to start in the morning, first thing, so your brain is fresh and active. Don’t rush your revision either, make sure you’ve noted down when the exam is, what you need to cover, and how you’re going to revise these topics. It’ll work wonders for you and give you a structure to follow as you prepare.

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Do what works for you

The same revision tactic is not for everyone too, remember. So, find out what works for you and stick to it. Whether this be writing and repeating notes from your book, reading repeatedly, or even speaking out loud and teaching someone what you’re trying to learn – everything will be different so find what way works for you, and you’ll be laughing.

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Get comfy

Make sure you’re always in a comfortable and safe environment when you revise too. Not only does this help with productivity, but it also keeps your mental health at a good level and is a good way to keep concentrated. Just think, without those distractions, you’ll fly through your revision.

With our best revision tactics, we’re sure these suggestions will help you fly through exam season. Make sure that you plan, start early, and keep calm – the three golden rules to revising.

Let us know your favourite study tips, places to go, and how you keep yourself going on our socials. And, of course, good luck.