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27 October 2023

6 renter-friendly festive ways to decorate your apartment on a budget.

Have the urge to get the Christmas decs out yet? Well, we do. This year to help you decorate your apartment while making sure you get your deposit back; we’ve brought you the best ways to decorate on a budget for the festive season. From affordable buys to things you already have at home, it’s time to put the festive tunes on and step into Christmas with our 6 top tips on decorating your apartment this festive season.

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Keeping things cosy

Fancy dressing up your bedroom this year? Well, we have you covered. Get out the Christmas throws and set the mood lighting to give yourself the ultimate cosy experience this festive season.

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It's time for the Christmas bedding

Who doesn’t love a winter duvet day, with some hot chocolate, popcorn, and a good Christmas movie? Well to make it even more festive this year, why not make your bed glisten with some festive bedding, throws, and cushions? With the delight of a cosy bed, it makes it even more tempting to crawl in at the end of the day – and even harder to get out of the next morning.

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Light it up

Fairy lights make everything better, right? We love a fairy light so why not make these little lights dress your bedroom up this festive season? By placing fairy lights around your headboard, or even along your drawers and adding an electronic candle to spruce up your bedroom furniture, they can make such a difference to a cosy night under your duvet.

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Getting cosy on the couch

It’s time to give your living room a brighten up for the festive season. How else can you make your home Christmassy by adding a few added touches to our favourite room? Here are our top tips to make Christmas feel at home.

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Treat your windowsills with some charity shop buys in the bric-a-brac section this year and head down to your local charity shops to see the wild selection of Christmas bits that they have to offer. From snow globes to little village tea lights – your local charity shop will have it all. Whether you’re looking for affordable decorations to some hidden gems, you’ll find most of your Christmassy delights in the hidden section and we’ve had some brill buys in the past.

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Fake Present Stack

Want to make your living area look fuller? Well, why not create a fake present stack with those leftover Amazon boxes? We all love an upcycle. With last year’s leftover wrapping paper, why not create a fake present stack, popping a selection of presents around your television stand, around the coffee table, or even create a little package near your doorway.

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Our beloved Christmas Traditions

We all love a Christmas tradition, don’t we? Why not decorate your apartment with some festive must-haves this Christmas – here are the things that can’t be missed.

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Bauble Bowl

Do you want to dress the table up this year? Whether that be your coffee, dining room, or dressing table we’ve got the perfect idea for you. With an old bowl, vase, or whatever you would like to use, stack some baubles and even an electric candle in the middle to make the perfect bauble bowl. Not only does this look good as a centrepiece, but also adding this to any room in the house really elevates the Christmassy look. If you don’t have baubles, you can turn things sweet and add a selection of confectionary to wow your guests when they come over.

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To fill or not to fill, that is the question. What more festive way to dress your apartment than adding some stockings to your lovely home? By adding these festive additions to your place, you can fill them with simple things like tissue to bulk them out and stand them up against your walls, or even add a few presents to them to make things extra special on Christmas morning when you're gifting your loved ones with the contents.

With a range of festive additions you can add to your home this Christmas, we can only hope you love our ideas and dress your apartment to the heights with these festive ideas on a budget. You can also share them with us – tag us in all your Christmas decorations on our socials.