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06 January 2023

6 ways to celebrate the Lunar New Year in Manchester

Lunar New Year is one of Asia’s most important and most celebrated festivals and this year it’s the Year of The Rabbit. Luckily, Manchester fully embraces this traditional holiday and has been celebrating it in the city for over 40 years. If you’re in Manchester for Lunar New Year this year, you won’t be short of ways to celebrate.


Outdoor Celebrations

Every year the Manchester City Council puts on a range of celebrations to commemorate the Lunar New Year and this year is no different with stalls, parades, performers, a funfair, and much more dotted around the city for a week. Here’s some of our favourite ways to join in on the annual celebrations that we think you’ll love.

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Source: Flickr / Donald Judge

Asian Markets

In celebration of the Lunar New Year, Asia inspired stalls will be set up around the city and will run from the 21st of January – 29th January, offering you the chance to indulge in a range of delicious food and drinks as well as explore traditional arts and crafts. If you decide to take a mooch around the markets, they’ll be open from 12pm -7pm every day and will be a great opportunity to treat yourself or someone you’re close to to a little New Year gift.

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Source: The Vain Photography / Carl Sukonik

Day time Dragon Parade

The famous 175ft dragon will be returning to the streets of Manchester on the 22nd of January and parading all the way from Piccadilly to Chinatown, along with traditional Lion and Ribbon dances, Chinese Opera performers, Zodiac animals and Ancient Army characters. This legendary parade is a long-standing Mancunian tradition and a great way to start the celebrations, so make sure to join in the vibrant atmosphere.

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Illuminated Night Dragon Performance

Dragon performances are a well-kept tradition as Dragons represent good luck, health, and strength in Chinese culture, so to bring all the positive vibes to the city, Manchester will be putting on not one but two dragon performances, the second one being an illuminated night performance taking place on the 22nd of January and 29th of January. The city is sure to be filled with light and life during these performances so make sure to come down to experience the magic.

Lowkey Celebrations

If you’re not one to enjoy a big commotion but still want to celebrate the Lunar New Year in a memorable way, then we’ve got you covered too. Here are some lowkey ways to welcome the Year of The Rabbit.

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Decorate your space

Traditionally, houses are decorated on Lunar New Year’s Eve with red lanterns, paper cut outs, and paintings, but looking pretty isn’t their only purpose as it’s widely believed that these particular decorations keep evil away and pray for blessings, longevity, health, and peace in the new year. Whether celebrating the Lunar New Year is part of your culture or you’re just a side line supporter, why not embrace this tradition and invite some good luck into your space for the new year.

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Source: VisitManchester.com

A meal in Chinatown

There’s no doubt in our mind that Asian cuisine is one of the best out there and we just can’t get enough. Obviously, every day is a great day to get Asian food, but Lunar New Year is a particularly good excuse to go all out and explore the many great restaurants that Chinatown has to offer. We recommend The Little Yang Sing for some delicious food, friendly service, and beautiful interior, but there are so many restaurants to choose from so make sure to have a roam around.

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Creator: Yap Chee Hong

Embrace the traditions

The Lunar New Year is full of different traditions but one of the most popular is the annual reunion dinner, where family members get together to reaffirm the love and respect they have for each other that binds them together. Why not use this time to host a family or friend get together with some cultural food and drinks, decorations, and maybe even finish the night by going to see a firework display in honour of the festival.

However you choose to celebrate the Lunar New Year, we’d love to see it! Tag us in your socials and if you’re celebrating in a totally different way then be sure to let us know how.