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14 June 2024

9 Ways to Celebrate Summer In Manchester

Look, we know. The weather isn’t exactly saying ‘summer’ right now, but there’s time for it to turn around – and hey, the summer is what we make of it, the nice weather is just a bonus. While some sun would be much appreciated (we hope you’re listening, weather) we’ve got some great ways for you to celebrate the summer months while you live in Manchester.


Explore the hidden gems in the Northern Quarter

One of the things that we LOVE about the Northern Quarter is that it never fails to surprise us. You can visit twenty times in a week and stumble across something new every single time. Here are some of our favourite spots for you to check out.

Page Source: @adhocwineshop

Ad-Hoc Wine Bar

Whether you’re a white wine girly after a long day, a rose lover in the sun, or go for a nice, deep red on a night out, Ad-Hoc has you covered. You can explore their different flavours, and take it as an opportunity to try a glass of something you probably wouldn’t go for – expand that palette and see just how much they have on offer.

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We LIVE for a cheeky vintage moment, so you’ll catch us in Cow scouring the rails for an absolute bargain – and we never walk out of the door without one. Whether you’re after a new summer outfit, or just want to get out the house and have a little browse, Cow is always a great place to pop in and see what they’ve got.

Mackiemayor mcr
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Mackie Mayor

Alright, yes, we know this one isn’t exactly a hidden gem, but you’d be surprised the amount of people don’t know about Mackie Mayors, and we think that that is UNFORGIVABLE. Mackie Mayors, for those poor souls who haven’t had their chance to experience is, is a collection of food and drink vendors that share one space, letting you try bits and bobs from everywhere without even having to leave your seat.

Hit up the green spaces

At first thought, most people don’t think that Manchester has that much green space to offer – but it does, and it’s some of the best green space you’ll find. When the sun finally does come out, these are the places you’ll want to be to catch your best tan and make the most of the rays.

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Heaton Park is the ultimate green space Manchester has to offer, with the benefits of it not only being a beautiful area, but it almost always has events on as well. It’s only of the largest parks in Europe, has a boating lake, plenty of historical buildings, and there’s always something for you to check out while you’re there too – including a food and drink festival coming up in August that looks like it’s going to be insane!

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Whitworth Park

Whitworth Park comes hand in hand with Whitworth Gallery, meaning you can enjoy contemporary exhibitions alongside stunning surroundings, really getting a perfect balance of both. Easy to get to and with a rolling show of artists, there’s something different to see each time to keep you on your toes.

Marina mcr
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Ancoats Marina

Alright, so it’s not as literally green as the other two, but the Marina is still a beautiful outside place that you should make the most of. It’s one of the prettiest walks you can do through the centre of Manchester, following the canal and seeing the side of the city not everyone gets to experience.

Hit up a festival (or 3)

Manchester AKA Madchester back in the day, has always been a top hit city for music, and that’s not about to change this summer. Whether you’re a raver, a rapper, or just like to go for the vibes, there’s plenty going on for you.

Outbreak mcr
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Outbreak Festival

Hosted at the BEC arena over the 28th-30th June, this festival has roots in hardcore and punk, and is being hosted by Action Bronson – one of the most entertaining personalities you’ll find in modern rap. We’re keeping fingers crossed that the weather picks up in time for this one, but if Parklife taught us anything, it’s that if the show is good enough, most people won’t reeeeally notice the rain.

Radar mcr
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Head over to the O2 Victoria Warehouse on the 27th July for this award-winning, genre-busting, and most progressive music festival around. Yep, those are some big claims, but KYROS have earned those titles, priding themselves on everyone being welcomed and accepted. So, if you’re a newbie festival-goer and want to ease yourself in, this is a good place to start.

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Teletech Fest

Back over to the BEC arena for this one, Teletech are bringing techno, electro, and acid artists into Manchester for a night they promise you won’t forget. If techno is your jam, this is one you can’t miss out on; head over 3rd August to get your fill.

What are your big summer plans? We’d love to know. Update us on our socials to keep us in the loop.