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26 April 2018

An interview with interior designer Silvia

A lot goes on in the mind of an interior designer; ‘decorating’ is merely the final piece of the jigsaw. Silvia, who manages our in-house interior design team, can attest to this. She’s worked on many of the interior design projects for our luxury apartments in Manchester, and no one is quite the same.

What did she have to say about designing the interiors of some of Manchester’s most prestigious apartment buildings? Let’s find out…

Behind the Scenes: Designing Luxury Apartments in Manchester

Describe your typical day

I don’t have a typical day! But that’s the thing I love most about being an interior designer; a single idea for a project can shape the rest of my day. A typical day could involve: carrying out market research, drawing, technical work, dressing rooms… more importantly, keeping in mind the person who’s going to live there at the end of it all!

What attracted you to interior design? Where did it all start?

I studied Art and Design at university, but I’d done some work as a graphic designer previously. I’d always be thinking about building furniture, and then I went to a company that gave me the chance to work on hotel interior design – that was really the start.

Artillery House, Byrom Street interior

What do you look for when sourcing interior furniture and accessories? Which brands do you use?

Everything depends on the target market and the building itself. We have to think about the historical significance and context of a building, especially here in Manchester, and see what was there before. The brands we use are different every time; we want people to feel that a space is their own and is special to them, so a “one-size-fits-all” approach doesn’t work. Of course, quality will always be important in any choice we make. The brands we use vary from project to project, from Foscarini to Alessi and Flos.

Little Lever Street interior

Tell us about a rule of interior design you feel should never be broken

Attention to detail.

What is your favourite part of an apartment to redesign?

I like bathrooms and entrances. At university, I had the task of redesigning the smallest possible bathroom. It took thinking differently and creatively to make the most of the space, but I managed it successfully! Entrances are another favourite because we have the chance to create a luxurious, hotel feel for somebody. If we can do that, then we’ve done a good job!

Basil House, Portland Street interior

Which project are you most proud of to date?

All of them! I couldn’t choose. In each, I give a little bit of me. Every project teaches me something new, and I carry that knowledge with me to the next one. I always feel like I can do something a little different or better. It’s a process, but I’m proud of every project we’ve carried out.

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