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09 July 2021

Fry on Down to Manchester’s Best Independent Chicken Joints

You may be forgiven for thinking that this week’s main event was the build-up to, and celebration of the football result (FYI it’s absolutely coming home!) but no – there’s also another huge date worth mentioning.

Fried Chicken Day.

Now, the most famous chain of chicken restaurants, (y’know the one who claims it’s ‘finger-lickin' good’) sell on average 14 million pieces of chicken PER WEEK in the UK. If that doesn’t tell you how clucking mad we are for our feathery friends, fried up in numerous tasty, experimental ways, then we don’t know what will. Anyway, those big chains spend plenty on their marketing, so they definitely don’t need a shout out from us. Instead, we want to recognise the Manchester maestros who go over and above to try new exciting recipes with their dishes, nothing poultry will do (sorry but there are just too many puns!).

Yard & Coop

When a restaurant bravely refers to itself as the ‘home of buttermilk chicken’, you can be fairly confident you’re going to like what’s being served. The names of the dishes are also genius and give you a real feel for the vibe in the very cool Northern Quarter-based Yard & Coop. Their menu also couldn’t be easier to tailor to your perfect plate – simply choose your chicken cut, then add your fave sauce, and finish off the feast with fries. Perfection, honestly, and we can certainly recommend drumsticks served with the Dr Pepper BBQ sauce.

Cane & Grain

The Northern Quarter has nailed it yet again with this gritty, American-style taproom with a laid-back atmosphere and décor that gives a nod to the ’80s. No need to worry about getting dirty from devouring your chicken in here that’s for sure, the filthier the better, and it shows you’re enjoying it right?! The menu may be small, but don’t let this deceive you, every item on it is considered and cooked to perfection. The smoked wings with bourbon gravy are delicious as is the cajun spiced chicken thigh burger.

Peck & Yard

If you fancy something a bit different to your standard fried chicken, then get down to this seriously tasty pan Asian chicken shack in Chorlton. Specialists in all cuts and with more sauces than you could ever wish for, this is a chicken-shaped jewel in the Cities crown. For the fans of spice amongst you, why not opt for Bo’s Hot Sauce? But be warned, it really is indescribably hot, and your taste buds might not thank you for that one. The best part? These guys offer eat in and takeaway options, so you can enjoy the best of the shack from your sofa!

South Manny Flavaz

Starting out in 2017 selling chicken in their spare time via Snapchat, these guys are taking the Manchester Street Food scene by storm and show no signs of slowing down. Most recently the ‘youngest street food vendors in the city’ were based in Arndale Market but earlier this year also opened a 2-floor diner on Deansgate. The O.G Chicken and Waffles are a 10/10, especially when accompanied by one of the infamous SMF shakes.

If you are not planning on trying a few of these haunts over the weekend then you definitely have more willpower than we do. As you know, we are uber passionate about all that Manchester has to offer, so if you visit any of our recommendations or have one you’d like to add to our list, then please get in touch via our social channels.