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15 March 2024

Manchester’s favourite sites to explore on World Heritage Day

With World Heritage Day nearly on our doorstep, why not explore some of the most historical sites in Manchester on the 18th of April? Get your shoes and spring jacket on, grab a coffee, and head out into Manchester to see some of the oldest and most historic buildings steeped in heritage, what’s not to love? With the lighter nights getting closer, it’s about time to explore our best picks in the city either after your daily commute or over the weekend and enjoy the sights that Manchester has to offer.

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John Rylands Library

So, fancy that Harry Potter experience in the heart of Manchester? Then head down to John Rylands Library to take in the stunning architecture that’ll make you feel like you’re right in the heart of Hogwarts. This beautiful example of neo-gothic architecture was first opened to the public in 1889 by Enriqueta Rylands in memory of her late husband, John, and after being designed by architect Basil Champney, took over 10 years to build at the heart of one of Manchester’s busiest streets. The library cost a total of £28 million in today’s money and is still in operation today as part of the University of Manchester, and has the largest collection of academic texts in the UK – so if you’re struggling with your referencing for that assignment, why not pop down to see what you can find? It also has over 250,000 printed books and over a million manuscripts and objects in its archives, which are open to the public to visit. So, if you fancy going somewhere for some Manchester heritage this World Heritage Day, and love a good book, then John Rylands Library is your place.

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The Pankhurst Centre

The historic Emmeline Pankhurst is famous for fighting for women’s rights in the Suffragettes, but did you know that she was actually from Manchester and her home is right in the centre of our beautiful city?

Pankhurst’s former home was nearly demolished in 1979, however, after a public stance it was refurbished and is now an open museum right in the heart of Manchester. In 2018, the centre marked 100 years since the Representation of the People Act of 1918, which gave women over the age of 30 the right to vote for the first time – marking an iconic part of British history. While the Pankhurst Centre is somewhere that celebrates World Heritage Day it also highlights the importance of women’s rights throughout history and is a constant reminder of the importance that those rights carry even into the 21st century. So, if you fancy a look at where the fight for feminism started or just love a little trip to take in some history, why not take a trip to the Pankhurst Centre? We’re pretty sure you’ll love it.

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Victoria Baths

Want to take a dip? Well sadly Victoria Baths doesn’t offer the chance to have a little dip anymore, however, what it does offer is some stunning vintage architecture and an array of fantastic events for whatever suits your fancy.

These Edwardian baths were famous in Manchester in 1906 for having heated bathing water and these facilities, at the time, were the best thing since sliced bread. The public were able to use the Turkish baths, shampooing room, and hot showers, all within the building which at the time were a luxury to have access to. As the popularity of the baths declined over the years, the facilities began to be used for other things. Throughout the years, the baths have continuously held art exhibitions, unique cinema screenings, a variety of markets, and even weddings in the emptied-out swimming pool - so if any of these sound up your street then we can’t recommend them enough. It’s said that the owners still want to one day refurbish the baths back to their original purpose.

Why not head out and explore the historic sights of Manchester this World Heritage Day? With the sun on your face and the world at your feet in our amazing city, it’s time to learn more about its amazing history and what’s right on your doorstep.

Let us know on our socials if you find any historic hidden gems, we’re dying to soak up as much culture as we can.