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28 July 2023

How to celebrate the Autumnal equinox in Manchester

The Autumnal Equinox marks the start of Autumn and for a lot of people, it’s the time to reset and refocus for the colder months ahead. There are many ways to mark the Equinox; some like to take the day to reflect, while others like to kick Autumn off with a delicious home-cooked meal. Whatever your vibe may be, we’ve got a list of inspirational ways for you to welcome Autumn – you can thank us later.

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Let go of the past and look ahead

Forget ‘new year, new me’, we’re here to debunk the myth that you have to wait a full year to re-invent yourself. New beginnings can come at any time, even 9 months into the year, but if the idea of starting afresh on a random Wednesday doesn’t sit right with you, then the Autumn Equinox is the perfect day for it. Here are a few ways to help you regain focus.

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Do you ever find yourself not being able to focus or fall asleep because there’s just so much on your mind? We’ve been there, but one thing that we’ve found helpful is journaling. Getting your thoughts out on paper is a great way to offload your brain and see all your thoughts out in front of you, plus it helps you to make sense of them and plan how to move forward, so you can enter the new season with a clear mind.

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Image Source: Photo by Omid Armin on Unsplash


If words aren’t your forte, then why not try your luck with meditation? Light a candle, find a comfortable spot, cross your legs, close your eyes and zone out. If you’re a natural then just play some calming music while you zen your mind, but if you need some extra guidance, there are plenty of apps that will guide you through your meditation, and we recommend calm – it’s a life-changer.

However you go about it, meditation can be an effective way to let go of the things eating away at you and change your mindset.

Take care of your space

We don’t know about you, but we’re strong believers that your home is a reflection of your mind, so keeping it looking tiptop is the first thing you should do going into Autumn.

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Declutter your wardrobe

With autumn around the corner, now is the time to get rid of those summer dresses and crop tops and replace them with knits and long sleeves. Getting this done early will get you organised, save you time getting ready on those dark mornings, and if you decide to sell your unused clothes, you could even scrape up some pocket change for a few nice autumnal home decorations. It’s definitely an underrated way to welcome in the new season.

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Decorate your home

If you’re anything like us, now that autumn is here, you’ll be hiding away from the cold and the dark evenings in your home, so it’s only right that you make your space warm and inviting. Fill your living room with blankets, scented candles, fairy lights, and maybe even add some autumnal colours into the mix. Trust us, you’ll feel loads better about spending time indoors if your place is giving all the cosy vibes.

Embrace the traditions

You probably already know that the Autumnal Equinox marks the start of autumn, but did you also know that it’s the only day in the year when the day and night are exactly equal? This is why many Equinox traditions see people enjoying the outdoors and embracing nature.

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Watch the sunset

A common way to honour and welcome the transition of seasons is to sit in a nice outdoor spot and watch the sunset. Try to stay super present for it and pay attention to what’s going on around you, think about what you can see, smell, and hear. Truly relaxing and focusing on your senses will put you in the ideal position to think about your gratitude and even speak out some manifestations as the day turns to night.

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Cook a nourishing meal

Traditionally, the equinox is used to celebrate the harvest, which is why it’s not uncommon to see people cook delicious and healthy meals on this day using seasonal vegetables. We personally love this tradition as it means we get to eat and eat some more, and still feel healthy and energised afterwards.

Whether you decide to do all of these traditions one by one, or just pick one to celebrate the Autumn Equinox, we hope it makes you excited for the new season ahead, and we’d love to hear if you have any traditions that we may have missed – just send us a DM.