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18 March 2020

The best things to binge on Netflix whilst you're on lockdown

Coronavirus is now affecting almost every country in the world. The Government are advising us to limit social contact, work from home (if possible) and wash our hands regularly. With no sports on and social interaction being limited a lot of us are turning to Netflix for our escapism fix. Everyone knows we spend more time deciding what to watch than actually watching Netflix, so we’ve put together a list of some ‘must watch’ shows, to help point you in the right direction.

100 Humans

100 Humans is a new series that puts human theories to the test, using a group of 100 nameless humans. The first episode asks the question of ‘what makes us attractive?’ and gives the 100 humans challenges and tasks in order to get to the bottom of the question. The show is hosted by three American Comedians; Alie Ward, Zainab Johnson and Sammy Obeid. If you like scientific theories being put to the test, examined and explained in a funny way, this show is a definite ‘must watch’ for you.

Sex Education

Sex Education is a Netflix original that follows a group of teenagers navigating their way through secondary school. Whilst the show is filmed in the UK and the actors have British accents, it purposely has the look of an American teen show, with the team behind it recreating the tone of cherished teen films of the 80's. The comedy follows socially awkward teenager Otis, who, though his limited experience, opens a clinic in a disused toilet at his high school to give sex advice for money. Series three has recently been announced, and we’re sure we are going to burn through that as quickly as we have the previous two series.

Love is Blind

The show that asks the question whether love really can be blind. If you’ve not seen this, you’ve probably heard people talking about it. The show follows a group of singletons, trying to find love, dating each other with a wall separating them at all times. The only way to remove the wall is to propose to their new partner and plan a wedding together. The reality series certainly has its ups and downs, and not everyone ends up walking down the aisle…

Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders has been around for forever, but if you, like a lot of people haven’t watched it yet, now is your time! The show follows Tommy Shelby, and his criminal family after they return from the war. Tommy Shelby soon sets about trying to expand the family’s control of Birmingham, stealing a shipment of guns to give his gang an upper hand in the world of crime. The show follows Tommy and his family as they move up in the world, but not without butting heads with other crime families and the British government.

Drive to Survive

Drive to Survive is Netlix’s original series following the Formula 1 Grand Prix Championship as it travels around the world, following the 10 competing teams and their drivers. The show gives unprecedented access to everything F1, from the design and mechanical engineering of the cars, to the drivers training, and to the Paddock on race weekends, showing the importance of every cog in the turning machine that is Formula 1.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

This is one of our all time favourite programs on Netflix ever. With 14 seasons and 154 episodes, there’s plenty of content to binge watch whilst you’re in self-isolation or on lockdown. The comedy follows the exploits of a group of 5 narcissistic friends who together manage a poorly performing Irish bar in Philadelphia. Each episode focuses on an elaborate scheme hatched by the gang to either conspire against an outsider or one another for vengeance or personal gain.

We hope this gives you a little inspiration for what to watch in the next couple of weeks! If we’ve missed any of your favourites, let us know by tweeting us. We always welcome new recommendations! Remember to stay safe, wash your hands and always remember to be kind to one another.

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