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07 April 2021

The Secret Behind Manchester’s Creative Streak

The Smiths. Oasis. LS Lowry. Ian Curtis. Danny Boyle.

Just to name a few of Manchester’s creative geniuses that are now famous all over the world.

It’s no secret that the north really is a powerhouse for innovative, brave and imaginative people, going back as far as the history books account for, but surely, it’s not just luck that we seem to breed the best in art, music and culture? Well, we’ve recently done some digging to explain this phenomenon and have found an unexpected theory…

Ghostbusters Called It

No, we haven’t eaten so much easter chocolate that we’re on some kind of delirious sugar high, bear with us. The gang on the recently remade Ghostbusters film (regardless of whether we think it was any good or not) seem to have based a chunk of the movie on the very same theory, known as ley lines.

Let us explain.

In short, ley lines are believed to be channels that run in a variety of directions around the world, carrying positive and powerful energy. Manchester is said to be the point where several of these conduits meet, or cross, resulting in a mega Manc melting pot of creativity. We’ll explain more about this later.

The original conception of the idea of ley lines is thought to have been in the early 20th Century by archaeologist Alfred Watkins, and believers say that iconic buildings and structures were built on them to try and harness this supernatural energy. In literal terms, ‘ley’ is an old English word meaning cleared space, which makes sense, given Watkins belief that structures throughout various historical periods were built on these spaces.

There is even a dedicated ley hunting community, formed in the 1960s, and there was also a magazine providing fanatics with pages and pages of info on these legendary lines. More recently, books have even been written expanding on the original thoughts of Watkins, predicting that the ley lines are now being used by extra-terrestrial beings who are monitoring the earth; as many sightings have been along the ley lines. Now, sure, Watkins and other believers had their sceptics, but really, how interesting would it be if this really is a factor in how we continue to churn out Manchester’s finest?

Ghostbusters could really be onto something.

Back to Manchester

The reason Manchester is a focal point for the ley line enthusiasts is that the British Latitudinal Ley Line, which is a whopping 565 miles long, cuts through the city centre; as well as the North West Ley Line, a shorter 235 miles, which runs through South Manchester. These hidden lines, if they exist, are said to transfer their ancient power to those that live along with them, making us far superior to other ‘non-lined’ cities (tell us something we don’t know!).

So, the question is, is this just one of many predictions that have been made, to try and understand just how so many amazing musicians, athletes, artists, and scientists can originate from one city? The answer, is probably yes, as ley lines have sadly been discredited by many qualified historians, geologists, and archaeologists. What a buzzkill.

Scientists, believers, and sceptics can try and hypothesise over the supernatural recipe that has provided us with so many amazing Mancunians, however, it really is quite simple.

Throughout history, the people of Manchester have often been at the forefront of creativity and innovation, resulting in Manchester being the world’s first industrial city in the early 19th century. Amongst the bustling warehouses and crowded streets came alternative and innovative ways to live, work, and think, which transformed the lives and creativity of Manchester into what we know today. Combine that with a massive mixture of cultures, races, religions and beliefs, and the result is the sought-after creativity other cities try to emulate. We just happen to be very good at making the best of things, whatever is thrown our way, and accepting people, calling them one of our own, no questions asked. This is one of the many reasons we are proud to be a Manchester-based company, encouraging others to enjoy the city and all its people have to offer.

We’d really like to hear your thoughts on what makes Manchester so great. Do you believe in ley lines? Let us know on our social channels.