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01 March 2024

How to make your apartment in Manchester feel like home

It’s time to give your apartment a new look, and what better way to make it feel like home than to add some personal touches to your place? With our suggestions on how to make your apartment feel like home where to buy the best décor in Manchester, and even how to keep it looking insta-worthy, read on to see how you can do all of these things to your new place. Remember, there’s no place like home.


Ways to make your apartment your home

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Buy some plants

Adding a little bit of greenery in your apartment is one of the most effective ways to make a room feel more like home, as well as making you feel good with that little extra oxygen supply. Plants are also soothing to look at and give a calm feel to the room, which is something you’ll want in your apartment for sure. The best plants we suggest are plants like cacti, spider plants, and jade plants, as they’re the easiest to manage and the hardest to kill (we’re speaking from experience here!). With the added greenery, you’ll absolutely make your place feel like home.

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Rearrange your furniture or even add more

One way to give your place more of a ‘you’ feel is to change the furniture around. For one, it’ll give your apartment more character, as well as provide you with a change of scenery. You could always change the position of your bed, desk, sofa, or dining room table to give yourself more room or make things more compact and cosier – it’s totally up to you. Changing the position of furniture can help with your mental well-being too, for example, by moving your bed away from your working area and your desk, it’s been scientifically proven to improve your sleep and stress levels. You can thank us later.

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Invest in some good décor

By investing in some good décor you can add your own personality into the comfort of your apartment. Whether you want extra bold colours or you like the clean, black-and-white look, you can find something to fit your taste and add whatever you want to the apartment to make it yours. By adding standing frames, tabletop décor, and colourful accessories, you can make your space your own if you give it a go.

Where to buy your best homely bits

Looking for some home inspo? Well, we’ve got you covered. With these top three shops in Manchester where you can get all the best bits – why not take a look to see what inspires you to give your apartment that extra cosy feel?

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Founded by a husband and wife, Object is one of the cutest shops in Chorlton selling some of the most gorgeous homeware products that you could think of. The shop itself chooses to sell independent producers from around the world and everything in their shop is handmade for your liking – from table wear to bedding, you’ll be sure to find some hidden gems in Object to suit your taste, whatever that may be.

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Futon Company

Based along Deansgate, Futon Company sits right in the heart of the city centre – meaning you can get your new purchases to and from your apartment super easily. From plants to bath accessories and some of the cutest bedding and pillow sets, you can find everything you’ll need in Futon to make your apartment your home. As an added bonus, you can also order online and collect in-store for free and they even do home delivery. We know, perfect right?

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Form Lifestyle Store

Form Lifestyle Store is a small independent business based in the heart of Manchester selling a range of aesthetically pleasing homeware to fit your new apartment to a T. This local business works with other small businesses that are spread out across the city and are dedicated to showcasing the work of Mancunian artists in their store - meaning almost everything in their store has been handmade with natural materials (and love, of course) adding that extra sentiment to get all up in your feels. It’s hands-down one of our favourites when it comes to buying décor for our homes, so why not try it yourself?

Maintaining your home

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Keeping things tidy

The best way to make things feel at home is by keeping things tidy and a perfect way of doing this (if you’re hoarders like us) is by buying some collapsible boxes. These are perfect to fit under your bed when you need extra storage space, and are also fantastic for a seasonal rotation, so when the weather is getting warmer you can pull the shorts out and hide the jumpers away – until it inevitably rains throughout August in Manchester, again.

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Add some colour to your apartment

Another way to make sure that you feel at home is by filling the room with some beautiful flowers. Not only does this give your room a boost of colour, but it also allows their lush smells to stick around and treat your nose every day. We think there’s very little that beats the smell of fresh flowers, but that’s just us!

With so many ways to make your apartment feel like home, why not spend some time this weekend giving your place a little spruce up to make it feel extra cosy?

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