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17 June 2022

What is Manchester Day and how can I celebrate it?

If there’s one thing us Mancunians know how to do, is be proud of our city. Very few other cities get an entire day dedicated to themselves, but if Manchester doesn’t deserve it, then we don’t think anywhere else does. Taking place this weekend on 19th June, we’ve put together some necessary info on what Manchester Day is, how you can join in on the fun, and how you can celebrate it in the city.

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Image Source: manchesterday.co.uk

What is Manchester Day?

Manchester Day has been celebrated in the city since 2010 and is now one of the North-West’s flagship events of the summer. With an annual parade thrown in the city, and plenty of events for residents and visitors to join in on, this year’s celebrations are focused on Manchester’s young people – in a bid to promote a fruitful future now that the Covid-19 pandemic is well behind us.

How can I celebrate Manchester Day?

If you’re looking to join in on the celebrations in the city centre this weekend, then get your family and friends together and head down to Piccadilly Gardens to join in on the fun. Seeing as this is the first Manchester Day in two years (due to covid restrictions!), this weekend is set to truly be an all-out, not-to-be-missed event. With the parade starting at 1pm, there will be plenty to do throughout the day all up and down Deansgate where the parade will run, and out to Exchange Square, Cross Street, John Dalton Street, and of course, Piccadilly Gardens.

There will also reportedly be a special guest, Little Amal, who is a 3.5 metre puppet who will be exploring the city and attending the parade alongside the other floats and participants. Little Amal is inspired by the story of a Syrian refuge who came to the city last year after a mind-blowing 8,000km walk on-foot from Turkey, crossing through 65 cities, towns, and villages, and will be at the heart of the parade, inspiring the crowd.

Where else can I celebrate Manchester Day?

Manchester Day is based in the city centre, but if you don’t fancy walking around Piccadilly Gardens, there are plenty of other areas that you can attend and still get into the spirit of things.

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Cathedral Gardens

Cathedral Gardens is offering a variety of free entertainment inspired by the circus, so if you’ve ever wondered how well you’d do if you ran away with the circus, then this is the perfect time to give it a go, or you know, just enjoy the show! From acrobatics to aerial performances and a Circus House Workshop, Cathedral Gardens will be host to an array of incredible performances that you won’t want to miss – and we can’t wait to see just how badly we can juggle.

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Image Source: manchesterday.co.uk

Exchange Square

On Exchange Square, you can find the Manchester Letters – an installation of huge love-letters to the city that have been created by three local artists and displayed in the city. A heart-warming tribute to the city (and the ultimate insta-background for Manchester Day!), this installation will be well worth a visit to witness this breath-taking piece of art.

How are you planning to celebrate Manchester Day? Let us know by tagging us on socials and we hope you have a fantastic weekend!