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16 July 2021

Celebrating Eid al-Adha in Manchester

This month, Muslim’s across Manchester, and the rest of the UK will be celebrating Eid al-Adha. Often regarded as the most important Muslim festival, Eid al-Adha is usually celebrated by enjoying a traditional dish of mutton with family and friends, to symbolise the sacrificial sheep that spared Ibrahim’s son from being sacrificed himself.

This year, the festival is due to run between 19th – 23rd July, and we say, ‘due to be run’, as it is entirely dependent on the moon phases, meaning the final dates are not known until immediately before it begins. To celebrate, we thought we’d delve into a few different ways you can enjoy this glorious festival across our fave city, Manchester.

Halal Worth Checking Out

Etci Mehmet

Centrally located just off Mancunian way, Etci Mehmet is super accessible, and the food is truly amazing, which explains their expansion this year, as they prepare to open another 2 restaurants. When dining, why not try the lamb shoulder? It’s cooked to perfection and there’s plenty to share, and if you’re looking for a delicious side, the shepherd’s salad is a great addition to any plate.

My Lahore

These guys encompass such a fun vibe, and pride themselves on being a British/Asian fusion kitchen, having well and truly earned their place on the Curry Mile (aka, Wimslow Road). Their mutton-based dishes are to die for, known as Nihari and Paya, which are both great options to pay your respects during this festival.


Scattered throughout the city are Sagnam; fan favourites for Indian cuisine, and as a bonus, their restaurants are beautiful too (great for that Insta feed!). Their Lamb Hyderabadi is unlike anything we’ve ever tasted in a curry, or if you’re braver with the heat the Lamb Jalali is gorgeous as well.

Mega Mosques in Manchester

If you’d like to attend a prayer ceremony in a mosque, we’d advise checking online or giving them a call prior to the service as many have strict COVID guidelines, rules on attendance for those of alternative faiths during Eid, or specific dress requirements.

Manchester Central Mosque is an ornate and imposing building inside and out, with a large capacity. If you unfortunately can’t get there to celebrate Eid, then you can still book a tour at a later date in which staff will take you through a traditional prayer service.

The University of Manchester also has an Islamic Society that holds services at both the north and south campuses. The board of directors for the society are super active on social media, so it’s well worth engaging with them on there if you’re interested in the festival or attending a service with them.

We hope you enjoyed learning more about how you can celebrate Eid al-Adha in our amazing city, and if you do visit a Mosque or any of the restaurants we’ve recommended, then get in touch and let us know all about your experience! In the meantime, assalaamu alaikum (peace be with you) from all of us at Manchester Apartments.