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07 July 2023

What to pack for University: A first year’s guide

You’ve got the grades, got your uni apartment booked, and now it’s down to that final all-important question… What to take to university?

This might be your first time moving away from home, but that doesn’t mean you have to pack everything but the kitchen sink. Yes, you may be wondering what to bring to university and might be overwhelmed by the impending list of things to buy, but that’s why we’re here to help.

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Bedroom essentials

Your bedroom is where you’ll be spending the majority of your time – whether it’s napping or studying – and while some apartments come furnished, some don’t. So it’s well worth checking exactly what they provide.

All our apartments come fully furnished just so you know…

  • Bedding

Trust us, good bedding is a game-changer in the uni realm. There is no feeling like climbing into bed after a long day of lectures. And hey, invest in a mattress topper – your future self will bless you for it!

  • Lighting

Now, let's shed some light on your room, literally! Forget about those gloomy days of darkness. Deck your space with fairy lights or find a lamp transforming your room into a zen den, because let's face it, you'll need some relaxation after all those late-night study sessions.

  • All things cosy

Add some cushions and throws to create a cosy atmosphere where you can unwind from the uni madness. Don't forget to bring along your favourite photos too! Frame them or stick them on a pinboard for a constant reminder of your loved ones (and the good times you'll have).

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Hot tips for the kitchen

Takeaways might be your saviour for hangovers, but they’ll leave your bank account crying… pack these basics and you’ll be Gordon Ramsey in no time.

  • The basics

Let's tackle the treacherous territory of the kitchen, where takeaways tempt your taste buds and drain your bank account. Fear not! Arm yourself with the essentials: crockery, glasses, cutlery, and a couple of trusty knives and saucepans.

  • Cleaning products

Cleaning products are the unsung heroes of hygiene. You won't need a mountain of them, but do stock up on washing up liquid, surface spray, air freshener, and don't forget those trusty cloths and bin bags. A clean space is a happy space, right?

  • Added luxuries

Prepare yourself with hampers of long-life foods and fancy seasonings. Oh, and don't forget some favourite recipes from home for those nostalgic cravings.

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The boring stuff

This section might not be the most exciting, but they are essentials you’ll need!

  • Bathroom bits

The boring stuff, we know, but it's crucial! In the bathroom, pack your favourite shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, and toothpaste (no funky breath, please). And oh, the almighty toilet roll!

  • Medicine

Freshers flu is a rite of passage at uni so being prepared is a must! We’d say to grab yourself some painkillers, lemsip, and vitamins, then you’ll be good to go.

  • Storage

Storage is a student's best friend and vacuum bags are the secret weapon here. Shove them under the bed, and boom! You’ve got more space.

  • Clothes

Pack the essentials, but remember to save some room for those fresh new outfits. Student discounts, baby!

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Totally tech

Tech and uni go hand in hand, so it’s something you’ll need to grab before you go.

  • Laptop

Check if you're eligible for a bursary because that could easily fund your tech desires. A powerful laptop is your ultimate lifeline in the wild world of university.

  • Headphones

Don't forget noise-cancelling headphones – they'll get you into the study zone or help you smash the gym with epic beats.

  • USB stick

And please, do yourself a favour and bring a USB stick with loads of storage. Trust us, you'll need it.

Last but not least, the grand finale! Pack your beer pong essentials and a deck of cards. These are the true uni staples that forge lifelong friendships and epic memories. You're about to embark on the best years of your life (no jealousy here) so let us know if this list has been helpful, or better yet, let us know on our socials how your university move is going @mapartments_!