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01 December 2023

5 New Year Resolutions to Keep Yourself Happy in 2024

We all say we are going to make the following year our year, so why not do that in 2024 with our five New Year’s resolutions to keep yourself mentally and physically fit and healthy? It’s time for you to live your best lives in 2024 and jump on these resolutions to give yourself a push to start the new year the best way you can. 2024 is the year for you, trust us.

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Get your body moving

If you fancy indulging in cardio or lifting some weights, why not take up a New Year tradition to get your body moving and start to exercise? Whether that be joining a gym, a running club, or even just going for a daily walk to get the steps in – whatever way you can move your body, do it. You can even treat yourself with your leftover Christmas spends and invest in some new gym wear that makes you feel good – got to look the part, right?

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Save those pennies

If there is one New Year’s resolution that will help the most in the long run, it’s to save your pennies as much as possible. From watching what you spend to budgeting apps, there are so many ways you can help your money go a little further next year. You can even do things like re-thinking shopping habits or taking your own dinners to work or uni, and before you know it, you’ll be racking up those savings.

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Travel somewhere new

How about hopping on a plane, train, or even a bus and travelling somewhere new? You don’t even have to go far – you can literally hop to the next town along and explore what it has to offer, or hop on a cheap flight from the airport and explore a new European city. With so many travel options on your doorstep in Manchester, why not take advantage and see what the world has to offer?

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Make your bed everyday

So, how about leaving the ‘messy you’ behind in 2023 and having a fresh start every, single morning in 2024?Mastering the art of making your bed in the morning is a trick that will make you feel fulfilled with your day – and even happier getting back into bed the same evening. Taking care of your sheets and pillows is just as important as looking after yourself, with the added bonus of keeping your room looking perfect.

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Meal Prep

To keep up your health kick, why not bring the meal prep life into 2024 with you? The best bit is that meal prep doesn’t always have to be boring chicken and rice … There are so many quick 15-minute recipes online that you can follow to prep your meals for the week and align with your saving money goals for the new year.

With the new year creeping up, why not take up one of our 5 favourite resolutions to help improve your mind and body in 2024? There is nothing wrong with trying something new, and you never know, you may really enjoy it. Let’s make 2024 our year.

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