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09 June 2023

Our top 3 bike routes in Manchester for all fitness levels

If you’re sick of walking or driving the same route to work every day like us, then why not take the sunny days as a sign to dig up that old bike that’s been hiding in your parents’ shed over the winter and cycle to work? It’s always nice to switch up your routine now and then, plus a little extra exercise never hurt anyone, right?

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Celebrate Cycle to Work Day

We get it, dropping your usual routine and suddenly becoming a cycling queen is easier said than done, so why not start with just one day to feel it out? It just so happens, cycle to work day is just around the corner and it’s the perfect opportunity for you to get involved. Trust us, it won’t feel so daunting if others are doing it with you.

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Reward yourself

We don’t know about you, but one thing that always motivates us to do tasks we’re not all that up for is rewarding ourselves after we do it. Our favourite reward, you ask? A sweet treat – duh! Lucky for us, Manchester is filled with local bakeries and cafes offering up delicious cakes and pastries that make for the perfect pick-me-up. If like us, your office is located on or near Oxford Road, then we can’t recommend Loaf enough as your post-cycling treat, but if not, have a scout around for hidden gems near you and make sure to pick yourself up something sweet. You deserve it.

Cycling routes around Manchester

If cycling to work isn’t for you then fear not, as Manchester has plenty of cycling routes that you can try out as a leisurely weekend activity and we’re here to tell you the best ones (from easiest to expert).

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Sale Water Park

Lasting just over an hour and a half, this bike route is easy enough for any fitness level and scenic enough for the time to fly by as you take in the views. The path loops around, so you can start at any point, and be sure you’ll end back up at your starting point. For those that like to get a mid-way snack or drink, TreeTops Café is on the route so you can stop by for a caffeine and carb boost.

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Velopark Bridge

This 24-mile route will have you smack bang in the centre of town one minute and cycling through countryside trails, the next. Starting in Deansgate, you’ll make your way to Highfield country park, and from there cycle towards Velopark Bridge where you can dismount and explore the National Cycling Centre. From there, you can carry on through the Fallowfield loop and back to your starting point, or you can take one more stop at the Station South café to fuel up – we know what we’d do!

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Image Source: manchestereveningnews.co.uk

Manchester Loop

Requiring a bit more stamina, this route starts at Bridgewater canal and takes you all around Manchester, passing through Heaton Park, Rochdale canal, and once again, Sale Water park. No wonder the route is almost 46 miles long! The good news is that the surfaces are mostly paved so you won’t find yourself struggling uphill at any point.

If you’re now inspired to take your bike out this weekend or even find one cheap on Marketplace, we’d love to hear about it. Tag us in your stories and posts, but if not we’ll see you on the trails!