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18 August 2023

6 ways to keep you smiling this World Smile Day

As the summer draws to an end, it’s not uncommon to see a shift in your mood and find yourself feeling a little sad, but it doesn’t have to be like this. Often, we rely so much on the sun to make us happy that we forget there are a million other ways to boost our dopamine, so here are a few things that we find get us out of a slump and put a smile on our face when the weathers not doing the trick.

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Make plans

The summer ending doesn’t have to mean that you retreat indoors and wait a full 12 months for the sun to come back out, so make the most out of the autumn and continue to make plans with friends and family. Manchester has so much to offer this time of year whether it be cosy cafes or huge parties that go well into the night, whatever your vibe is there’s something out there for you so carry on living your best life.

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Rekindle old hobbies

Remember how happy you use to be as a kid? Think back to what you were doing; maybe you liked to paint, sing, play an instrument, or whatever you associate with your childhood happiness, make time for it in your life now. Often we grow up and leave everything we love doing behind because we’re so focused on adulthood, so reach out to your inner child and bring back those old hobbies, you never know, it might be exactly what you need to get that smile back on your face.

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Take pride in your appearance

We know what you’re thinking and no we’re not telling you to spend 2 hours every day picking your finest outfit and blending your eyeshadow to perfection, but it has been proven that there is a connection between looking good and feeling good. When you look good, you are more likely to feel confident, powerful, and happier so why not take the time each morning to do little things that make you feel better? It can be as small as making sure your hair is brushed or your clothes aren’t creased. Trust us, little things make a difference.

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Treat yourself

We don’t know about you, but sometimes we forget to put ourselves first because we’re so focused on making others happy, but it’s time to switch that around. Putting yourself first should be your number 1 priority as the only person that has to live with you forever, is you, so you may as well be happy. One way to do that is by treating yourself, we’re not encouraging you to buy a Louis Vuitton or book a lavish holiday but allow yourself to have a Frappuccino when you walk past Starbucks, or a cake when you fancy one. Little treats throughout the day can help to boost your mood and it’s always nice to have a little something to look forward to.

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How many times have you heard that exercise is one of the best ways to improve your mental health? Well, we’re here to tell you that again, sorry not sorry! But it’s SO true, just a tiny bit of exercise each day is sure to have a positive impact on you, even if it’s just a 10-minute walk, so make it a priority in your life. You don’t even have to commit to a gym membership for this one, we have a whole article on how to exercise without a gym that you might find useful so give it a read and add a form of exercise into your daily routine.

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Be the main character

Do you ever watch a film, or a series and the main character's life just seems so perfect with everything always falling into place? Well, that could be your life too. Sure, life isn’t a movie, but what’s stopping you from acting like it is one? Yeah, it may initially sound cringy or feel silly to “romanticise” your life but what’s the harm in taking everyday life and slightly uplifting it? So, start living with intention – when you make your dinner tonight, light a candle and put on some music while you’re eating it, or when you next go to do your food shop, wear your best outfit just because you can. Stop waiting for good things to happen, and start making them happen, your life will start to become a lot happier.

We hope this has given you some inspiration on how to spice up your life and become happier but let us know if there’s anything we’ve missed. We’re always active on Instagram, so send us a DM and let’s talk.